The Problem With Gaga, Or The Media

Fine, I will admit; there is the pop side of me that likes pop things; maybe trashy things; maybe Lady Gaga. I guess I can safely say I can be like a man with many faces, a chameleon. Like what Miike Snow sings, “I change shapes just to hide in this place but I’m still, I’m still an animal.” What sing-and-tap-along addictive lyrics that carries.

Onto Gaga, in the year 2009, she blew and blew out of proportion (no pun intended) into the world of pop, having been struggling in the (underground) music scene for some time prior to that, like most struggling artistes before they made it to the big scene, or for those unfortunate, never gonna really make it all the way. It’s high time we admit – we all are not another Beyonce nor want to really be. We are who we are.

So, like a flock of bees rushing to the nectar of flowers to make honey – just that the bees are cuter, the media and generally, mainstream people, flood towards her like a natural disaster to sing praises for her music, her style, her fashion sense, her image, her daredevil ways, just her everything. Yes, I know she made it big; yes, I know, “Poker Face” can be really catchy in a club and all, but do all these singings of praises mean anything, besides to herself?

Yes, she definitely might have broke some new grounds in the music industry, either artistically or commercially, but to pay such huge tribute to her, I think, it is a huge disrespect to the other heavyweights of the music industry. Don’t they deserve some recognition for all the hard work, creative work that they had put through? The people who had been struggling for years, the other artistes that have dare to diversify their images, styles to broaden music aspects and genres?

What about Prince? Marilyn Manson? Madonna? The Cure? Culture Club? Peaches? Iggy Pop? Sia? Bjork? Beck? Roisin Murphy? Many others unnamed here?

I think it is time to stop all these media overloads. All these media frenzy. All these media overhype.

FYI, Beyonce will be featured on Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” single while the latter will be featured on Mrs. Z’s single “Video Phone”.

On the contrary…


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