Remember when Miley deleted her Twitter, rapped about it, seeked a few close female dancing friends and filmed a music video for it?

Well, I will not be deleting my Twitter account (Hell no, at least at this moment), nor be filming a music video about it (budget issues), but I will be going on a Miley Cyrus hiatus on Twitter for a while. Not to attract attention or whatsoever, the reasoning for me is/can be relatively easy – I have become too obsessed, reliable on Twitter for much too much.

Let’s go back to days when there wasn’t Twitter – what exactly was I doing? What was occupying my seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and where was I? (years will be too general, so you are left out, buddy)

What Twitter has done is to create a platform for everyone to have a space to share their thoughts – mine be it crazy (yet I am normal enough to question it!), musically or lyrically insane, or video links, or what is on my mind at the moment or what particular thing I was doing, anything at all – and to share it with the world, with whoever who cares, or relatively so.

It is a good thing; it is a good creation. I have been able to share thoughts, know more about people, get really crazy, kill boredom and loneliness, have conversations. Yes, I have got to know some great new friends through the social networking site. It seems to be a surreal, yet real platform; it seems to be something away from the normal and yet totally so at the same time. It is like my new found best friend, someone I could share everything with, yet it is only technology, and it is not even really there all the time. It is like the best friend I have been finding for all these times – sorry my other friends.

In the past, when I head out, all these thoughts would feel me. Insecurities. Hopes and fears. What really was going on in my mind. I used to have solo airport trips on weekends where I made myself comfortable, despite the threatening, creepy loneliness that followed. In the past, I thought no one would bother about the thoughts of a person like me, but now, though no one still pretty much does, at least there is now this platform where there is no need for acceptance.

I guess I have rely too much on this friend of mine for a while now. I think it is time for a little break off. I will be back.

Now it really is all tweetsessed when I create a post just to write about the Miley Cyrus hiatus on Twitter. But at least, I don’t go about to shooting a video about it… That is a little too tweetsessed, isn’t it?

(The hiatus may or may not affect blog posting.)


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