New Vids On The Bloc: #14

Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull
“Fresh Out The Oven”

Let’s be honest.

Jennifer Lopez became successful in the music industry during a period of overhyped Hollywood, and when the Internet wave had not washed over us, thus the in-accessibility to other forms of better, non-mainstream music. To put it in meaner words, it was a period of bobian (Singlish for no choice), at least speaking for myself. Despite that, she is still a hot Hollywood actress, just that she is said to be only good on the icing as well.

It is not that she had bad songs – she did had some hits, trashy pop catchy at that – it is just that her vocals are not extraordinary (i.e. very ordinary), and years down the road, they are not songs that one wants to remember once liking/listening to. That is generally my case, maybe everyone’s case, with Jennifer Lopez as a singer.

This Neptunes produced, Pitbull featuring track serves as a teaser for her upcoming 2010 album release, entitled “Love?” and may/will not be featured on that album. That probably will explain the somewhat repetitive style in the video, and seemingly (please clarify if I am wrong), not seeing that much of Mrs. Anthony’s face in it. Is she/her record label doing a testing on general reception to ensure comeback success?

Allison Iraheta
“Friday I’ll Be Over U”

This is the second season out of the current total of 8 that I had watched most of the episodes of American Idol, the first being season 3, with the surprise early elimination of Jennifer Hudson, where her, LaToya London and the ultimate winner of the season, Fantasia Barrino, were stuck in bottom 3 during that week’s results show. My sister somewhat has an effect on me on this, herself and my niece hyping up all over Adam Lambert’s glam rock ways.

But let’s not forget the rest of them. Allison was the last female standing, coming in fourth, and also her tender age of 17 during the competition. What the Hell was I doing when I was 17? (Let me reflect and get back to myself on that, thank you very much.)

In her debut post-AI video, she couldn’t help but make me feel like she had just ripped off several acts, in a not very good way. When I heard the “Friday” in the title, I felt The Cure; when I saw the video, I saw elements of Ida Maria; when I heard the song, I felt very Avril Lavigne; when I saw her in the video, guess who came to my mind other than the first and original winner, Kelly Clarkson? But still, it is a good, fun, pop-punk rock song. And this will give her more props – I think this is a better debut single than those inspiration-driving songs that AI debuts are capable of, much seen in Lambert’s and Allen’s first singles. I feel the creeps.

Good Shoes
“Under Control”

Currently, I am writing this without watching the video, and this can be my kinda indie music, but no – I am not indie kid. Please do not associate me with that.

However, the video. A group of muscular, bikini-clanned women dance in a robotic manner, do crazy muscle flexing, tease, and even wink right before one’s very eyes. It is all very disturbing; this is not the way to picture women, very muscular women at that. They should be strangling some guys (like me) up a dirty street, taking all the money and happily fighting and kicking the victims away. I don’t know what I just typed, but I should imagine it will be something like that. The video has the effect that after watching it, one doesn’t/won’t even remember what was the song all about.

Like what I said on Twitter, for straight men who like muscles…

Valley Lodge
“All Of My Loving”

Watching the following video may have the following effects/comments possibly made:

[1] “I want to have naked men furniture like that!”
[2] (can be a continuation from [1]) “Especially the lamp with the *ahem* as the switch. I will pull it all day!”
[3] “This video is very anti-gay.”
[4] “This video is very anti-gay and I will be writing a letter to sue everyone involved.”
[5] “Why is the female lamp in the video still clothed?”
[6] (can be a continuation from [5]) “I need female furniture like her. Yum hmm.”
[7] “Are they available in Ikea?”
[8] “I need overseas shipments!”
[9] “This video is an outrage! I think Singapore should not watch this.”
[10] Blah. Nothing special.

And here, on a round-up, is a video featuring Weird Al Yankovic, explaining auto-tune and possibly having the best post-Kanye West interruption ever.


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