Amberhaze – 271109

T, whom I had seeked as a temporary vetter on my first possible Ooostage article, said I should leave out this first introduction part, and I thought that since it was a little personal (and maybe a little inappropriate for the article), I could just put it up here, and/if there is a need be, I can re-include it into the article from here – a simple copy+paste. I am genius; I am shameless!


I am beginning this first article with confessions of my very own, so please pardon me:-

a) as I am writing this, I am actually bottled up with excitement, but am also trying to sound composed and poised at the same time;

b) prior to this, I have never been to the district of Dempsey;

c) upon getting randomly lost twice prior to the event, I was actually late for about 10 minutes into the stated 9pm timing. Luckily, it has yet to start.

Of course, I left out the part that this is also the first time I have ever heard of Amberhaze, but that will be truly inappropriate.

(John Doe took this picture; whoever he is, if he is displeased with me using it, I will take it down)

The full article may be up shortly. So shameless plugging, click away to!

(post may not be up thus early as it is currently pending review/vetting)

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