New Vids On The Bloc: #15

I am shamed. :(

I noticed for the past few sessions of NVOTB, I have been posting mainly mainstream acts, acts that will get people talking – mainstream people talking. I was not branching out like how I wished to be; I was finding a place to post all these attention seeking, mainstream videos that wouldn’t chart on Vidiscovery.

Too much’s terminology; too much explanation. Cut to the chase.

Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains
“I Hate My Friends”

Sometimes, I do. C’mon, it is something real in any kind of relationship. I believe one has got to love to hate, to hate to love.

Whenever I come across the name of Sebastien Grainger, I will always think of Death From Above 1979. Luckily, my research work in the past worked out right and my mind has not messed up names with names. There are a lot of underage female groupie love and weird face painting in this video; not much hatred there, really.

Heads We Dance
“Take My Picture”

My first listen of Heads We Dance is the track, “Work It Out”, featuring the delightsome Little Boots. That track survived a few months on my moveabout playlist, and that is a quite a feat already.

Now I am not quite sure if I like them because of Little Boots, but this single/video seems to prove it. It is not too bad, but it is not too good and a little big slice of cheese dance pop. Moreover, the video will give out a bigger portion of the cheese pie if one is to watch it, so – just listen to the music will do, and then judge.


Currently featured on Vimeo’s frontpage – which is, cool, that is, Vimeo – this video really suits the mood and melody for well, sleep. Feel the eyebags get heavy; let the imagination runs wild; and just sleep. I want to do, too, if it is not for the music. (and I better research more on the local scene like I wanted to)

Ethav is a singer/songwriter based in London.


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