Vidiscovery Top 50, Best Of 2009: Opening Speech

So much so for being oh-so drama mama and having an opening speech here, yo?

I just want to say that this listing of Top 50 music videos of 2009 is just a generalization. It does not serve to be the best listing out there; it does not serve to prove anything; and it does not want to compete with the other listings of the best videos of the year out there. Instead, all it does is to celebrate another year – of great music, of great music videos – and toasting for more to come in the future years (as long as I am here on Earth).

So feel free to disagree, to get all pissed off over music videos that should be here and ain’t; that are here but shouldn’t be (do note that there are other better matters to get pissed of for, though). Comments are always appreciated, so one can always voice it out.

– grandaudiomaster

(P.S. still in talks on whether to feature them here or on the Ooostage site. If they decide not to go ahead with it, it will be shown here between now till the end of December.)


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