Vidiscovery Top 50, Best Of 2009: #50-#41

For the opening speech, go here.

Down this lane of the list, an artiste that went on a 5-year hiatus makes a comeback; the reported victim of domestic violence shows up in her first video appearance, post-attack; and who’s that lurking in the closet?


Video: “Under The Pines”
Artiste: Bodies Of Water
Director: Andy Bruntel
Vidiscovery peak position: #2

For this video, and a couple more down the list (hints! clues!), it tackles the issue on the evil cruelty of mankind overkilling the animals in the food chain, and for me, the feature of children in an otherwise awkward and realistic storytelling. Personal opinion will be that the children are too young to get entangled in such topics, but earlier exposure may bring about better rocognition of the situation, and… maybe it is up for the parents to decide on this.

Also, karma – what goes around comes around.

Bodies Of Water’s married core members, David & Meredith Metcalf, played a husband hunter and a housewife respectively, and together with a girl playing their daughter, lived in a nice countryside cottage. The father’s greed and hunting ways soon got hold to him, by means of the spirit of the forest [played by a dog], or just his own conscious eating him up, which resulted in the sufferings of each family member in their own misfortunes. Alas, is that the same crystal diamond piece in Fan Death’s “Reunited” video?


Video: “She Wolf”
Artiste: Shakira
Director: Jake Nava
Vidiscovery peak position: #4

Original video:
Spoof video – “He Wolf”:

By the way, I think that guy nailed it in the spoof.

Jake Nava seems to the director to book if one has a pop single out. His directing resume of videos shot in 2009 includes one to be unveiled later on in the listing, to artistes such as Britney Spears, Leona Lewis and Little Boots. In this video, Shakira still does what she does best – pure dancing, booty-and-hip shaking, letting the melody take control of her body; but something about her bizarre dancing in this (what is that she was doing with her stomach at the beginning? It’s… intriguing!), her seemingly locked up in a cage and what-in-the-world-is-that-kinda-outfit just lure. And let’s not forget the wolf howls she made throughout the song – annoying at some point, but crazily pop fun at the same time.

I can hear the he wolves agreeing. Let me hear those Awwooo‘s. (Download Shakira’s here:


Video: “Waking Up In Vegas”
Artiste: Katy Perry
(featuring Joel Moore, Daniel Negreanu, Gavin & George J. Maloof, Jr., Penn & Teller)
Director: Joseph Kahn
Vidiscovery peak position: #17


Just because:

  • it was shot in Las Vegas, and not everyone gets a chance to go there to experience it. Okay, maybe except [insert rich reader’s name here]. What are you?
  • what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, or so they said. This video obviously didn’t, but it also didn’t highlight all the *ahem* happenings (as far as I’m concerned). What is it doing on this freaking list?
  • not everyone can be over-the-top dramatic like Ms. Perry.
  • luxury and the careless lifestyles of the rich and famous, in-yer-face!


Video: “Paranoid”
Artiste: Kanye West
(featuring Rihanna)
Director: Nabil Elderkin
Vidiscovery peak position: #3

Hype was built around this video before its official release. A screening of an unfinished cut at a Def Jam event leaked online, putting pressure on Elderkin on the video’s final touches. Furthermore, the lead in this video is Rihanna, making her first video appearance after the much tabloid publicised abuse she suffered from Chris Brown, coincidentally, in a car. The final version highlighted a more darker werewolf theme, with flashing images of Kanye as the creature. So, without the hype, this video would have been otherwise filed under the ‘ordinary’ category, but hype pushed this video into the #47 spot on this year-end list.


Video: “No You Girls” (2 versions)
Artiste: Franz Ferdinand
Director: Nima Nourizadeh / Franz Ferdinand
Vidiscovery peak position: #4

Nima Nourizadeh’s version:

Franz Ferdinand’s version:


Video: “Daniel”
Artiste: Bat For Lashes
Director: Johan Renck
Vidiscovery peak position: #1

Her first offering off her second album “Two Suns”, Natasha described that this song was based on her falling in love with a fictional character during her teenage years. Hence, (not sure about others) I could almost feel the raw ripping of emotions poured into the song; the feeling of vulnerability for the unknown (in this case, the black figures which lingered and tried to take her to a place she did not know of or want to go); as well as a twist of sweet naive innocence for a love so strong, real and simple that it seemed to stop time (the last scene, where she was seen hugging “Daniel”). And of course, sometimes, I don’t even know what the hell I am talking about.

NME said the song “relives ghostly memories of her first love and sounds like Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon” filtered through the weeping circuits of a broken-hearted android”; Pitchfork Media awarded the song 9/10, and described the vocals as “alternately commanding and fragile” and was was her “Running Up The Hill”.


Video: “Please Don’t Leave Me”
Artiste: P!nk
Director: Dave Meyers
Vidiscovery peak position: #11


Eric Lively. Or should I say, Justin Sundquist. The latter’s name is the stunt double for the male lead in this video, taking in all the crazy antics of P!nk as a mentally unsound yet unique lover in this music video. From stumbling down the flight of the stairs at the beginning to getting hit in the leg by a golf club to getting pushed outta an wheelchair; and let’s not forget the expensive looking mansion, various changing outfits for P!nk, and the storyline, this video had definitely been given the Hollywood treatment, yet still remain pretty much fun to watch.

And don’t P!nk always never fail to entertain, pop-wise, music-wise, video-wise? Go ahead and argue with me!


Video: “Bad Romance”
Artiste: Lady Gaga
Director: Francis Lawrence
Vidiscovery peak position: #2
(still on the last updated chart as at the last week of November 2009)


Okay, I will ‘fess up – I was kinda waiting for the release of this video; but just to clear things up, I was only curious about what crazy antics she would be getting her sleeves up to next. Double okay, so it was maybe more than a case of curiosity – maybe I do like her as an artiste afterall, just that I can’t really bring myself to mentioning it. I have some people liking her to bits on Facebook that I can’t bring myself to be associated with them in any way, not that I am any better.

This video either makes the viewers go “wow” or “WTF?” in both extreme ways. What exactly are those outfits? What’s wrong with her eyes? Why is she doing the boob-tape-over-nipples-seethrough-outfit thang again? Why is this so crazily addictive? Why is she so away from the normal, yet has a synchronized/chereographed dance routine in the video? What the fuck is with the fake skeleton and fire-firing bra at the end? Don’t one find it a sellout that there’re so much product marketing in this video?

It’s amazing how much this video can arouse questions, but most important of all, to me: if I wear the white outfit at the start of the video out one fine day, will people see me as a major all-time freak, or someone daring, or just plain nuts, or will people actually adore me as though I’m Gaga? There’s absolutely no wrong in wearing that, right?


Video: “Epilepsy Is Dancing”
Artiste: Antony & The Johnsons
Director: AFAS – The Wachowski Brothers, Chris Blasingame & Banker White
Vidiscovery peak position: #4

This year, I had came across, or stumbled upon (depends on dramatic levels) various videos with nudity theme in them, or the fact that I only widely expanded my video search list this year. I believe this is the most artistic nudity video for the year – what with colourful CGI butterflies and flowers, mysteriously captivating masks – all throughout the video. And let’s just say there’s not a lot of very strong male singers out there; but Antony Hegarty sure is one of a kind.


Video: “We Made You”
Artiste: Eminem
(featuring Dr. Dre, Bobby Lee, 50 Cent and various others)
Director: Joseph Kahn
Vidiscovery peak position: #2


*deep breath*

Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson, Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer, Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi, Elvis Presley, Bret Michaels, Tony Romo, Kim Kardashian, Star Trek, Transformers, Sarah Palin, Guitar Hero.

If this diss list is not long enough for a 4 minute song and video, I don’t know what is. Even though this was not as commercially a hit as previously, 5 years back, it is safe to say Em is back and with punches and puns, and ready to attack.


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