Vidiscovery Top 50, Best Of 2009: #40-#31

For the opening speech, go here.
For #50-41, go here.

From #40-31, find out one of the reasons why Singapore probably sucks; which underaged girl makes CJ gush; and which girl group makes me curse even without being featured on the Top 50 listing.


Video: “Life In Technicolor II”
Artiste: Coldplay
Director: Dougal Wilson
Vidiscovery peak position: #6


Warning: the following comment contains very disturbing content, which can be linked to that of Singaporean act-cutesy girls pretending to be Taiwanese act-cutesy girls. It is something the writer of this blog couldn’t help but feel after seeing a particular character in this video.

“Isn’t the little girl in this video sooooo cute?!? I wanna pinch her!!!”

She makes me feel like there’s hope in this world; that there is really a rainbow after every downpour, instead of wet underwears in the laundry stack. The clever coordination between the fake Coldplay in dolls, the children, the room and the adults are purely delightful; it makes me wonder whether I was watching a rock or pop video, until I realized where music is today – no genres, no boundaries, just what it is. That should be the case; no holdballs.

And did I not gush about the cuteness of the little girl? Spectacles rock! Children are the future! Smiles brighten! Why am I talking in exclamation marks! Stop it! (I will!) (It’s that time of the night again)


Video: “Memory”
Artiste: Zoot Woman
Director: Mirjam Baker & Michael Kren
Vidiscovery peak position: #1


Don’t hold on to one’s past memories any further. Let them go, or they will haunt.
Come to think of it, still photographs are better now. (I used to question why people like to take pictures – they are just frozen moments, shouldn’t people live past those and enjoy what’s now?)
A lonely man’s heart is the hardest thing.
This is probably the worst fictional ending to happen to a human.


Video: “Please Venus”
Artiste: Golden Silvers
Director: Gabriel Bisset-Smith & Graham Turner
Vidiscovery peak position: #1

I couldn’t decide whether I like black and white or colours more;
same for whether to just post the video or a picture and description.
And so, I choose both.
It’s my blog, alright?

And I can’t stop grooving internally to “Arrows Of Eros”, the album version!


Video: “When I Grow Up”
Artiste: Fever Ray
Director: Martin de Thurah
Vidiscovery peak position: #9

(Sorry, but as I am writing this, I am having a Fever Ray moment. Biaseness cannot be avoided.)

Making her debut as a solo artiste under the name Fever Ray and a break from her lead singer role in The Knife, Karin Elisabeth Dreijer Andersson is slowly growing on me, big times. I will be frank – I was having “WTF?” and “Huh?” thoughts when I first came across the debut single, “If I Had A Heart”. It was, maybe, a little hard to digest on my end. It was just so… eerie; but yet, it is starting to be a silent killer, the perfect description.

There’s “Seven“, and then there’s the Royskopp collaboration, as well as the latest single/video “Keep The Streets Empty For Me”, not forgetting the video that started it all (for me) at #37. There’s something in the music – the fusion it brings that lingers within me. In the videos, the directors managed to film down movements that perfectly blend well with the music texture of Fever Ray. In this case, the bizarre movements of the painted girl, the mysterious water vibrations, and the stillness of the day and night.

And really, growing up should be something better dealt with, and not thrown about by some pussies (in the form of a girl group) going HAHAHAHA over what? Seriously, did anyone question what they are laughing about?

Geez, onto real music:


Video: “Womanizer”
Artiste: Britney Spears
Director: Joseph Kahn
Vidiscovery peak position: #1


So she still lip-sync, but how many other artistes do so as well, just that they are not so obvious (to the unknown) and have not been caught yet like Ashlee Simpson? I can name a few, and probably half of the Chinese music scene here, but that’s probably for another time.

This is pop – pure pop, pop at its poppest, trashy pop – and know what? I won’t be ashamed to admit that I like it, this. And I really do.

Britney Spears played several roles as one – an office lady, a wife at home, a chauffeur and a waitress – just to catch her man cheating on her. In between, she decided not to wear clothes, tried to look sexy, got a sexy male model to play his part, danced and invited the average joe she kissed in “Toxic” for a guest appearance.


Video: “Tonight’s Today”
Artiste: Jack Penate
Director: Alma Har’el
Vidiscovery peak position: #3

Strangely artistic, strangely erotic, strangely random, strangely gay; very Alma Har’el.


Video: “Longing For Lullabies” (2 versions)
Artiste: Kleerup featuring Titiyo
Director: D.O.P. /Fredrik Callinggard
Vidiscovery peak position: #1

2008’s video:

Sometimes it just takes two music videos to realize a good song, a good video – not for me, mainstream suckers! Kleerup was responsible for Robyn’s mainstream comeback, more so in the UK scene, being the producer for “With Every Heartbeat”. The 2008 video (above, link) sees flashing lights and vibrant shadowy movements; while the 2009 video (below), more with a storyline, tells how a woman ghost lingered on her ex-lover’s (Kleerup played the role) everyday life thereafter to look after the man who couldn’t seem to recover from the departure, until when she decided it was time to let go/go.

I will admit, I teared. Such love, such modesty is hard to come by these days in modern cities.


Video: “Evident Utensil”
Artiste: Chairlift
Director: Ray Tintori
Vidiscovery peak position: #1

Released just slightly before Kanye West’s “Welcome To Heartbreak”, it would have probably made Kanye see red to know that he was, once again, one shy away from originality. If one’s an artiste, and wants appetizing visuals in the music videos, with colour effects, Ray Tintori gotta be one of the top choices. Watch this beauty in distortion, shot in nature, in HD.


Video: “Lessons Learned”
Artiste: Matt & Kim
Director: Taylor Cohen & Otto Arsenault
Vidiscovery peak position: #9

Really proves that what one can’t do in Singapore can be done elsewhere, and with balls.
Singapore, you probably suck.


Video: “Gravity”
Artiste: Sara Bareilles
Director: Mathew Cullen
Vidiscovery peak position: #5


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