Ooostage: Not Just Amateur

Second post is up!

(photo by: CJ; digitally enhanced by S)

Many negativity for this; bad location and timing are to be blamed:

Firstly, the endless flow of passers-by heading to and fro never did slow down, which made concentrating on performing or viewing hard. Next to the roadshow booth, noisy construction works in progress was concurrently ongoing. At various points throughout, the workers shouted orders and remarks to one another in loud voices, not to mention the sounds of tools and equipments hard at work.

It did get much worse. The roadshow booth for ZoukOut was not large to begin with, and one-half of the booth was taken up by a white car, which stood there motionless and consuming space. The stage – or if that was what one would call it – was so tiny that only one person could only stand on it at any one time. Adel, or Nigel, or any other artiste, must have felt awkward performing with such limited capacity to even move. Bad timing issue then rubbed itself in, with endless sounds of birds chirping and the flapping of their wings to find the night’s resting points, as it was nearing night time. And if that doesn’t sound too bad, a small drizzle began to work its way down on us.

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