Vidiscovery Top 50, Best Of 2009: #30-#21

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I will admit something midway through this #50-1 list; only this year did I learn the actual meaning of NSFW (Not Suitable For Work). I used to think that the ‘S’ probably stand for sex; ‘N’ for nudity; and whatever one can think of of the rest (‘F’ probably for ‘fuck’).

And just on this #30 – 21 part, at least half of the videos featured below are deemed so to be, somewhat. Ain’t that awesome or what?


Video: “Omar K”
Artiste: Rainbow Arabia
Director: Keith Musil
Vidiscovery peak position: #2

I need to shop at this supermarket, and I need to know the secret to becoming a werewolf – though the video did not disclose it, and the fact that in reality, I will be too terrified to shop at this supermarket, and do not specifically want to be a werewolf. Just a thought, just a thought.

A brief description goes:
“Mother and child get stuck in a supermarket during their owe werewolf transformation. Fun with tomahawks, meat freezers, produce fights, dancing atop cash registers, drinking and dancing in the liquor aisle”.

Strangely, doesn’t the female lead singer remind of Feist?


Video: “Day N Nite” (3 versions)
Artiste: Kid Cudi
(featuring cameo from Travis Barker)
Director: Bertrand de Langeron (So Me); BBGUN (Alex Bergman & Maxim Bohichik)
Vidiscovery peak position: #6

Kid Cudi is really cute. Hey; I gotta admit that. And guess what – he is not the typical Hip-Hop artiste, and three cheers for that!

Crookers’ version:

The Crookers’ remix version is the typical UK dance scene music video – featuring pretty skimpy dressed girls dancing in unrealistic circumstances. That said, Kid Cudi is undeniably (cute and) male hormone cheeky in the video, getting all overexcited at the sights of these pretty little things.

Kid Cudi’s version:

Finding the graphics familiar in this? That is because Cudi has engaged the same animator (So Me) for Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E.” (the infamous video that made Kanye West go mad at the MTV EMAs in 2007), as well as Kanye West’s video for “Good Life”, doing a mix-match between cleverly cute animation and the reality, and letting viewers see a colourful blend of the dreamed visions we may have while wondering in different parts of our lives.

BBGUN’s version:


Video: “3AM”
Artiste: Eminem
Director: Syndrome
Vidiscovery peak position: #2


For me, this marked the return of Eminem as an artiste. It seems like we are being treated to the different sides of Marshall Mathers in his music career – the cranky, straight-in-yer-face, takes-no-bullshit funny side (“The Real Slim Shady”/“Without Me”); the suicidal, emo, dark side (“The Way I Am”); and the caring, fatherly role, real and truthful side (“Stan”; “Beautiful”; “Mockingbird”). And this #28 position video will belong to the second category, with Eminem playing the role of a “serial killer who is escaping from a rehabilitation clinic and killing everyone who might try to stop him; roaming the halls at 3:00 am and violently slaughters members of the staff on duty as though on a killing spree”.


Video: “A Thousand Bees”
Artiste: Sara Lov
Director: Noah Webb
Vidiscovery peak position: #1

She sure got it right when she sang about “photographs, beautiful photographs”. In fact, over 4,000 still photographs were used to create the animated effects.


Video: “Luv Deluxe”
Artiste: Cinnamon Chasers
Director: Saman Keshavarz
Vidiscovery peak position: #1

Because life always presents you with choices (and now, even in music videos! another fine dandy example is Iggy Pop’s 3 versions of “King Of The Dogs” (click on the individual words for the video links)). Unless, of course, your girlfriend is corruptive.


Video: “Blonde Fire”
Artiste: The Hickey Underworld
Director: Joe Vanhouttegem
Vidiscovery peak position: #3
(still on the last updated chart as at the last week of November 2009)

It’s always hard to be the only naked person in the crowd. Truly one of the darkest, most original video I’ve seen thus far.


Video: “Watching The Planets”
Artiste: The Flaming Lips
Director: George Salisbury & Wayne Coyne
Vidiscovery peak position: #1
(still on the last updated chart as at the last week of November 2009)


Just imagine where will this video be in this year-end countdown if it had been released earlier on in the year. And this is quite a feat – it is still the initial hype stage for the video, and has already made its way past the midway mark here. Co-directed by the lead singer of The Flaming Lips himself, as pictured above, it features a whole lot of nudity – naked people parading, cycling, running, dancing and celebrating in nature surroundings, coming out of a huge ‘vagina ball’ at the start and finally, stripping Wayne to join in the parade.

And I thought I saw everything with Sigur Ros’s 2008 video for “Gobbledigook”.


Video: “Pussy”
Artiste: Rammstein
Director: Jonas Åkerlund
Vidiscovery peak position: #5

(By clicking on the following external link, it will link to probably the only slightly better audio quality and fully uncensored video. By clicking on the following link, one is to take full responsibility for the contents ahead. The writer of this blog is not responsible for the material on the link.)

It is pretty hard to find the uncensored video, and I finally managed to find it, one, after the better version uploaded on the band’s website had been removed to put up a latest video.

The fine line between music videos and pornography fades, blurs with the release of this video, with Jonas Åkerlund being the director. The members of Rammstein starred as 6 different roles, typically used in pornographic characters – from playboy to CEO to cowboy to shemale, and showed them having sexual fantasies and intercourses with women, highly suspected to be porn stars or Playboy bunnies. Body doubles were also engaged for this video. The video rounded up with an ending filled with sexual climax, jerkoffs. This song officially became Rammstein’s first #1 single in Germany; the irony, considering how media uptight this would have been.


Video: “Let Love Rule”
Artiste: Lenny Kravitz vs Justice
Director: Keith Schofield
Vidiscovery peak position: #1
(still on the last updated chart as at the last week of November 2009)

Never ever like or stick around for the ending credits of films or movies to find out who’s who?
Or being one of the underappreciated, hardworking member of the production team, whose name floats fast and by in an ending credit?
With this video, it would all very well change!
Dark days no more!
Now, with 100% guarantee that the viewers will stick through the entire ending credits.
Keith Schofield’s brilliant mastermind.
Justice and Lenny Kravitz make no appearance in the video; the only evidence of Justice’s existence in the video is the blink-or-you-will-miss cross trademark of Justice.


Video: “Pon De Floor”
Artiste: Major Lazer
Director: Eric Wareheim
Vidiscovery peak position: #2

Did I not mention that the blacks seem to have the most fun in life? Kudos to that!
Teaching all new different sex positions and locations.

Sigur Rós

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