It seems like even though no one asks of me, and no one probably ever will, but I am gonna give some explanation of reasons on certain things, matters; be it in life, virtuality or whatever it is that is going on.

The cover of the debut album from The xx (self-titled) is currently my Facebook profile picture, and why is it so?

Is it because I am naming it the album of 2009? It can be, but truth be told, I can’t really judge or review for an entire album, as most of the times I will get bored with listening to just one artiste throughout the tracklistings. I am a person who demands for mixture, variety. Though really, the album can be one of the best of the past year.

It may partly be that they will be in town come February 7, Sunday, 2000 hours in Singapore at the Esplanade, opening up for Florence + The Machine; which I had purchased my tickets for. (Get the tickets here.)

But really, I just feel that there is no need for an identity on Facebook anymore. I feel controlled; like I am being judged there for whatever that I am posting. And let’s not forget to mention that of the friends (to be more sinister, ‘friends’ (with open-closed inverted commas can be used) there that I ‘have’, those that really matter are the handful few, and the rest – I have no idea why they are there for. I have half a bad heart to delete the plentiful lot of them and to retain for those that still bother. The white ‘x’ in the cover contrasting the black background seems to me as though I am crossing out myself as a person, as an identity; to mark myself out. Maybe I can just delete the account, but I know that I am not that strong enough.

Now, onto the xx (and a little bit of Florence + The Machine),

The xx: A Sculpture of an Album

(their first song on my playlist! I am proud!)


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