Press-ing Play

Have been feeling a little writing hiatus/writer’s block recently, and feels glad to have just completed – not 1, but – 2 versions of a review article.

Moreover, it’s past normal bedtime here, and I woke up a while back with a vengeance. Let’s not forget the fact that I have a daytime job to report to later on at normal working hours. Pfffft. I feel like Superman right now on a secret mission away from the real world and my skankily tight red underwear on the outside (let me assure that I do not own any of the tight red underwear).

Below’s a paragraph I will highly delete off the final cut:

Truth be told, I do feel a little disconnected with the world at times, and I have to go somewhere, anywhere to escape from it all – the fast-paced modern city lifestyle, the ever-changing landscapes and the constant human crowd and traffic flows – and Esplanade does provide the occasional solution. If one happens to drop by, do look out for the various ‘live’ local and regional acts’ performances happening during the evening hours, and the best part – they are absolutely free.

Next up: I may want to do on the Telepathe gig, The Killers (coming up this weekend!) and Noisy Pop! Vol. 2 (coming up next weekend!). I feel float-y-ish.


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