The Amazing Race 16

And yes, it is back, now on a yearly basis it seems.

I sometimes find myself gushing over the most nonsensical thing in the world, and believe me, I still do. From just the fact of meeting new people to even getting a chance or opportunity to know certain people, it now extends to the simple fact that The Amazing Race is deemed to have returned to Singapore after 13 seasons.

Don’t mistaken me as a lover of Singapore; I still think it’s overrated to wear on red and white colours on National Day. I just find it exciting that they are within a certain reach, on the same land; that they even bothered to come again after their last stop here back in Season 3 [the season where a larger proportion of Singaporeans decided to watch the episode, bitched about how Flo was to Zach, females gushing over how adorable the model twins were; to catch Phu Chu Kang in Choa Chu Kang, and then mostly just didn’t follow up with the show thereafter. Suckers. (I even question that since Jamie Teo, who was Miss Singapore and the pitstop coordinator, will that make 987FM DJ Daniel Ong Mr. Singapore? THE HORRORS.)], as this place can be a little nothing much to do, really.

The places/tasks rumoured to be involved includes Bugis – a very lucky ice-cream vendor at the corner of Waterloo and Bencoolen Link; Singapore Flyer, Sentosa (Mega-Zip) and Marina Barrage (me suspect this is pitstop).

The Amazing Race season 16 premieres in the U.S. on February 14, Valentine’s Day; and in Singapore, it will premiere on the second day of the Chinese New Year. If visiting relatives is not one’s cup of tea, remember to watch it!


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