The Killers’ Asian Tour Cancelled

I was sad, but I am no longer as affected as I was, after seeing what I had seen.
I still feel devastated, but I will be able to deal with it, I know it; though I still have no idea what is to make out of Sunday for the moment.

Just today, two days shy away from the eventful night itself, The Killers had announced that they will be cancelling their Asian tour. According to their official website,

“The Killers have been forced to cancel their appearances in Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong, Manila, Tokyo and Seoul due to unforeseen circumstances. The band deeply apologizes to their fans and hope to reschedule their shows in these cities soon. At this time the bands Australian appearances remain scheduled as planned.”

Usually on Sunday nights, or in actual fact Sunday days itself, I don’t really like to do anything much, unless I really have to. But this Sunday is a little different – on top of The Killers coming to town. So I had made the exception; I had gotten myself anticipating, so it is really mindblowing to have everything well planned and scheduled all washed down the drains like that. But it is fine, I tell myself; there will be more good things to come, there will be.

Noisy Pop! Vol. 2 (featuring Midnight Marvel), Florence + The Machine with The xx, Kumar: Stripped Bare & Standing Up and Kings Of Convenience (new added date) have all been booked/purchased, with pending issues on Andrew Bird and Imogen Heap. In the meantime, in relations with the topic, and for most this would be appropriately linked with the cancellation:

And that was kinda appropriate too, huh?


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