Mainstream Music, Grammys 2010 & P!nk

In Matilda, conversation was going on ahead in the front seats, and the topic of mainstream music was back on. Mainstream pop music, with references to Lady Gaga and Madonna – how it had not much of an influence in one’s life; how, eventually, it could weigh down to pretty much nothing at all; and how today’s music – that is, mainstream pop music, repetitively played on the radio – may not have much of any substance left in it at all.

The topic then shifted to this year’s Grammy Awards. Some performances were mentioned, and hands down that we have to agree the best performance of the night has got to be Pink, even though she had been at it (the circus theme) for a while now in several awards shows, as well as her “Funhouse” tour. She has a wild personality, and to do something so gracefully and skillfully, one have got to admire the time and effort she put herself into matters, and how she has stood against the tests of time to be still standing in this industry.

Personally, I didn’t quite like Beyonce’s performance. I thought it was a little messy, and going everywhere while heading nowhere (performance-wise); it was mish-mash here, there like squashed rojak. And yes, I think I am a little sick of her over-the-top personna onstage. I think it’s time to move on. Also, while re-watching a little over the weekend, I was pissed with Ryan Seacrest’s introduction of Taylor Swift. Don’t go about making such ridiculous comments when there are so many unnoticed great acts around the world, especially when one’s the host of a mainstream chart show and the host of American Idol. Also, it seems very disrespectful that the trustees winners, who may have been in the industry for donkey years, was treated like dust by the presenters who just wanted to get on to introduce the next performing act.

Still, one thing about the Grammys never change for me – the fact that I cannot stand watching the entire show, because country music is still pretty much the root in America music, and it pretty much puts me to sleep on the couch.


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