Music Review: #62

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Blah Blah Blah
Ke$ha featuring 3OH!3
I don’t mind Ke$ha’s can’t-be-bothered attitude, and maybe even at some points I actually like it; but I do get bored with it pretty fast. Isn’t half of the mainstream pop filled with them already? And doesn’t she look like she accidentally stumble drunk into the music industry? I wonder did she sleep with the right people.

And autotune. I don’t think it is very intelligent. It is like putting a normal girl saying, “How are you? How is your day?” and changing it into something suggestive, sexual and explicit.

She definitely needs some cure and help from her hangover.

Morning After Dark
Timbaland featuring Nelly Furtado & SoShy
Timbaland Presents Shock Value II

The ladies did okay jobs on this record, but what in the world is that chorus about? It sounds like Timbaland is howling into the night, or wait – maybe that’s the whole intention.

Just the naming of the album to pick about – it is really un-intelligent. Do come up with a better name than just a follow-up to the previous record – it really is just adding of one more stroke. What are you gonna do, Timbaland, if the album tanks?


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