Vidiscovery: #109

It’s Day 1 of CNY, and it’s also Valentine’s Day, so double happiness spreading around. If one don’t celebrate either, oh well.

The description for the following video for Wild Beasts is truly beautiful that I have to post it here, and I am feeling sinister already:

‘Why should we feel bad for what we’ve done?’

“We Still Got The Taste Dancin’ On Our Tongues” is a tale of insatiable lust, full of twisted bawdiness and louche adventures, in Wild Beasts unique, inimitable style.


(8 – 14 February 2010)

I Run With You, Spirit Animal – Evan Voytas
We Still Got The Taste Dancin’ On Our Tongues – Wild Beasts
Dans Tes Reves – Omnikrom & Coeur De Pirate
Baby – Phenomenal Handclap Band
Jump Up In The Air (Stay There) – Erykah Badu featuring Lil’ Wayne
Heartkiller – H.I.M.







20 1 Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood St. Vincent (featuring ThunderAnt – Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein) Patrick Stanton & Doug Lussenhop
19 1 Memories David Guetta featuring Kid Cudi Keith Schofield
18 1 Shaved Babe Rainbow Salazar
17 1 Back From Beyond Blackstrobe Laurent Chanez
16 1 Splitting The Atom Massive Attack Edouard Salier
15 1 Dear God, I Hate Myself Xiu Xiu
14 1 Kill Me Make The Girl Dance
13 1 Rude Boy Rihanna Melina Matsoukas
12 12 5 This Too Shall Pass Ok Go Brian L. Perkins
11 7 11 Ambling Alp Yeasayer Radical Friend
10 10 11 Heaven Can Wait Charlotte Gainsbourg & Beck Keith Schofield
9 11 5 Lust For Life Girls Aaron Brown
8 4 9 Paradise Circus Massive Attack Toby Dye
7 9 3 Skeletons Yeah Yeah Yeahs Barney Clay
6 5 7 On To The Next One Jay-Z featuring Swizz Beatz (cameo from Young Jeezy) Sam Brown
5 8 2 Open Your Heart Mia Doi Todd Michel Gondry
4 6 4 So Light Is Her Footfall Air Edouard Salier
3 1 6 Brothersport Animal Collective Jack Kubizne
2 3 13 Watching The Planets The Flaming Lips George Salisbury and Wayne Coyne
1 2 5 Soldier Of Love Sade Sophie Muller
Animal Collective

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