Music Video Reviews: #64 – The Different Sides Of Keri Hilson

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Plies featuring Keri Hilson
Goon Affiliated

Watch out: Dr. Plies is going to stick a stethoscope up your, well, yeah.

Count it on Plies, Keri Hilson and Hip-Hop music to make a place for the sick and unwell people for recovery such a pornographic and erotic place. Women in pain who should be moaning in agony; but upon seeing Dr. Plies dropping in on a check on them, moan as though in ecstasy upon the physical examination.

Seriously, like WTF?

Oh Africa
Akon featuring Keri Hilson

I think, midway through the song and video, I got confused at whether the theme is Africa-celebration, charity-based or football craze.

Nonetheless, the energy and positive message is there, and it is good to be spreading those around. But – I think there could be a better vocalist than Keri on this – my mind is ringing India.Arie, on the aftermath of the collaboration of “I Am Not My Hair”.

Watch the videos (if you must):


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