Music, Today

On a day like any other day, I found myself sitting in front of the television set, and tuned into the channel that I probably spend/waste most of my time with – Music Television (MTV). Then it came to me once again, like sometimes, maybe always – that the mainstream music scene today is still pretty much the same as it had been back then. This is, of course, spoken in general of all the media sources out there; not just purely MTV. (In fact, on certain grounds, MTV is better than other media sources but is definitely not the best around either; it is, though, my most preferred choice, since I have pretty much cut off myself from local radio stations.)

Most of the playlist tracks are derived from overseas charts – mainly the UK and Billboard charts, and in general, it seems that whatever track or artiste that scores well there will do so here as well, or so it is presumed. Yes, there is a buzz factor around popularity and all, but who are they to tell us what we can like, or will like; who are we to follow in other’s footsteps? What are they feeding down our hungry throats that they thought would be good for us, as though they know what individual preferences are? The deemed ‘popular’ music are then made believe to be liked by everyone, and it will become a “national” hit – and yet there are times it fails to serve as an overall presumation.

And repetitions. My god, the repetitions. How many times must a song be played before it gets to the annoying point? I can never figure out how people still continue to like a track – in particular, a mainstream one – so much even after it has been constantly played, and stirring me up in an annoying way just by it being played again and again, over and over. These people are either massive fans or just plain nuts or idiotic. A balance has to be striked out – mainstream music can stay, but more variety should be included into the regular playlist to reduce the redundancy of repetitions and the possibility of driving me and the people like me up the wall and into a mental institution. We do need our fix too, and not to be forced to listen/watch what we don’t want to. If that was the case, why are we rendering and paying such services for, when we are not even getting what we want.

I don’t know how this could be possibly done, but I think it is time we change the perspective of general mainstream music. We should be choosing what we like and want to like. And even though I think that it may still be the same, like after all these years and in the years to come in the future and maybe in generations when you, a fellow blog reader of today, and me, are gone in time and have pre-existed, I think it is worthy of a time for changes. Aren’t we born to adapt to changes? Of course, if all else fails, like how sometimes in life some things do, with this time and age, the Internet will be a saviour; a refuge; an alternative; yet it can also destroy and waste away. But for music, I guess it does more good than harm for you, me, and everybody else out there.

Go explore music! Stop being controlled by the mass media! Start something today!


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