Two Is Better Than One, So They Say?

I have to apologize for myself first; I have quoted the abovementioned entry title to one of the most mainstream punk rock bands around, not forgetting one of the most overplayed songs, as well as one of the most overcelebrated teenage pop superstars of the moment. I sincerely apologize; non-mainstreamers may be pulling their hairs out.

But, nothing related to the song though; it is more for the personal this time round. Is 2 really better than 1? I am not sure if it is just my personality, but in most circumstances and situations, when I find myself solely just with another soul around, I do have a tad feeling of awkwardness. It may be less so with a handful of friends; but sometimes, when conversations run dry, what do we talk from here? Is it okay, comfortable between you and me, if we continue on in silence – maybe somewhat awkward – that I have been searching for all this life; this comfortable silence, and yet, the full understanding of one another. Am I boring, and will I bore? I always question myself that, and yes, I believe I do, maybe most of the times; but hey, at least I don’t think I am trying to please. Are we heading anywhere from here, or is it okay to go nowhere in particular?

This is not just love; or, maybe, this is all about love.

There are times I puzzle over myself, whether am I the real me when I am with others, or when I am alone? Why is it that when I am alone, I do feel a lot at ease, and yet at the same time, sometimes, I yearn for a friendship to be around? Yet, I can do all the things I want without the burden of others or in the eyes of others to judge, though I will have loved to seek the friendly opinion and company of a trusted soul. Is this the reason why I talk to myself a lot, or that I open up this blog to rumble about?

2 is not always good. The vulnerable feeling, the mornings after. But 2 gives the support, the possible plans for the future, and the murder of loneliness.

1 is independent, and has its own set of mind and thoughts that needs no one to control or influence over. 1 does whatever one wants to, and is responsible for one’s own consequences.

I like to contradict myself once again, by saying that in recent times, there are more moments of inner peace and acceptance; that I do enjoy whoever is there or not; and not forgetting there are moments of insanity and anal. I am only human. And for the matter of 2 or 1, I can’t really judge; I am disqualified. But I guess I like to find out. I think it won’t hurt, would it?

Ending with what I believe all are finding, fighting for:

I guess, in my life, it is music that has always been there, like a true good old fashioned early century love. But will it stay? Please don’t go.


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