The Darkness.

Blame it all on a slow driving taxi driver on the second day of CNY to start it all.

After a night out in the nearby neighbourhood for a stripped down (no clothes were taken off though; “stripped down” in the sense that there was no need to be fronting/any different; the group of A, S, and me were in our comfort zones after years) karaoke session ending at about 2am, a taxi was shared, and it was one of the worst taxi riding experiences I have ever had and the slowest going vehicle I ever sat on. Several hints and direct verbal attacks at the taxi driver only sped up momentarily, and old habits die hard. Frustrated, I decided to tell him to drop me off at the first convenient spot I could think of, and walked the rest of my way home. The walk was a while, of about up to 15 minutes – up and down the overhead bridge, limited amount of cars speeding by for the night and deserted walking lanes. Then, it dawned on me, as I walked on these shady lanes:-

“I ain’t walking on these streets unless it is dark out.”

In another sense, this year’s theme will be of a darker one and I may just be tired of people’s stereotypical point of view. In actual fact, I believe I have lived out the way I want it to be; to contradict what these negative viewpoints were thinking and to prove them wrong that I don’t have to be like them to be like me. And it also helps that there seem to be a growing number of dark-themed music videos released before and in recent times that were stuck in my head at the moment.

As for the night and the slow taxi driver, it was not long before I forgot about it. Taxi drivers are the least of my problems and I shouldn’t add unnecessary burden or baggage to the pressures of living in a modern city that is still on the setback. And I ended off with a little night/wee hours of the morning run and watching “Happy Together”.

Fever Ray – If I Had A Heart

Air – So Light Is Her Footfall

Vitalic – Poison Lips

Depeche Mode – Wrong

Blackstrobe – Back From Beyond

Massive Attack – Splitting The Atom

Peaches – Talk To Me



(And it doesn’t help that I am in a little Fever Ray momento right now. Also, too, my mother commented that my room’s fengshui/fortune isn’t good this year, either.)


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