Music Albums

In this age of digitalism, I am wondering if we have all forgotten the joys of purchasing albums.

L recently borrowed several CDs for a freelance DJ stint, and on a night of after-work mid-tempo entertainment (sheer boredom deemed to some), I was replacing them back into their individual album casings. And I was struck by how I could recognize which album casing each compact disc belongs to – I know I should, cause they’re my CDs afterall, d’oh – but there are some which I don’t play as much on lonely nights on the stereo, and just having some themed artwork as the design on the cover of the disc sometimes could put one on a clueless note. Let’s not forget – my memory loves to play tricks on me sometimes; I am growing older, colder, though not sure about the bolder part.

When I purchase a CD, I believe that I do a quick shake of the contents inside – the sounds of the the album brushing against the extra plastic protection cover (HMV’s), the rattling of the disc in its place, ready to sprung out. Investigation begins: the judgemental ways of the cover, back cover and the weight and thickness of the lyrics booklet; the flipping of the pages, the texture felt like skin, the artwork like graffiti on the wall. Unwrapping follows suit; plastic ripping apart, a closed case now open, and the interrogation into new terrority. The CD is popped. Music and my private space are invaded.

Telling my mother the sheer cheap thrill and enjoyment of it [purchasing albums], she scolded me. She is not wrong, but she is not right either. No one is in this life. Don’t play Jesus with me.

That said, piracy still rules – it is like treasure found, like endless space for creativity, discovery and experimentation. I love music blogs. ♥


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