Double Music Weekends – Part I: Noisy-Pop! Vol. 2

This has been long overdued, considering that the two events filed under this had taken place a month ago at the end of January and the start of February. Some factors caved in: mainly the four-letter word that everyone does for a living (not fuck, and why do I always elaborate so much more than what the simple word could be? Ah, the complexity of life), fatigue, lifestyle, laziness, floaty-ness and I have to admit, a lack of creativity and the feeling (say it in the art form manner) to write, update. And so there I was, now here I am.

I was glad to be attending Noisy-Pop! Vol. 2 for the first time, mainly to give support to Midnight Marvel, the first band up for play that day, and also to check out the other acts performing – such as The Karl Maka, Quasimodo, TypeWriter, Pinholes etc; though I got to admit either it was the weather or the lack of sleep or the time of the day that got me a little dreary at the start. No pressure, it was all washed off soon after.

A flea market was set up outside Home Club near the stretch the pedestrians were walking by the riverside; though I did patronize and purchased two cheap tees from a couple of guys (well worth), I was a little annoyed that with them (most of the stallowners) being thus ‘in’, preppy and all, how they are not willing to come into the club and give the music a little try. It is not that hard, really. And also, there are guys out there who love to shop as well – why so much catering to the mainstream skinny breeds of women?

The crowd was a little (maybe very) pathetic when Midnight Marvel started – the crowd had not gathered at all. I must say it must have been tough playing with not much crowd kicked in as yet, but I believe that the ladies of MM had the passion in them, in music and in performing, that it didn’t matter much anyway; a stage to rock is all that they had needed. It was like a space for them to showcase what they have got; same for the other acts that day too. Personally – no buttlicking or shoepolishing done – I thought that they sounded better than the first time I heard them play at Prince Of Wales. They sounded more complete, the sound effects were better, fuller and it was like being treated to a shortened 30-minutes version of a rock ‘n’ roll fest. I was like a groupie, giving the cheers, claps and jerks.

The Karl Maka was dreamy electronica pop, though I had wished their set was longer and if they had sung some more songs; but I had felt bizarre to be doing The Great Singapore Workout, though it was perfectly random and cute. I remembered being fascinated by Quasimodo’s lead singer and guitarist’s onstage enthusiasm, and also that there is one lady standing as a member as well; not forgetting the camerawoman engaged for the day, Miss S, a regular digest of Korean pop music and also a certain male singer out there that used to have dreadful threads of hair in the past, passing on a comment saying that she found one of the songs “quite catchy”. TypeWriter was the crowd’s headliners, as a trip back after going for dinner, the crowd was in full force for their performance, and they delivered what the crowd was pleased for. Pinholes’s lead singer has such an onstage persona that it caught on like fever and felt like he was taking us on a train wreck, a good one (whatever that may be, I don’t know), with the randomness he said or did, and in the music they played.

Midnight Marvel at Noisy-Pop!

Midnight Marvel at Noisy-Pop!

The Karl Maka at Noisy-Pop!

The Karl Maka at Noisy-Pop!

Quasimodo at Noisy-Pop!

Typewriter at Noisy-Pop!

Now, onto the next round: Wedding Pop!, happening on the 27th March this month. See you there!

Double Music Weekends will return with Florence + The Machine and The xx.


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