Double Music Weekends: Part II – It’s Night Time – It’s Infinity – There’s Basic Space – There’s Shelter – There’s Stars – A Howl Sounded – We Were Hurricane Drunk – And Crystalised.

The xx in Singapore

Another one-month late post entry. I am sorry.

First thing first, I am not a fan of heading out of my comfort zone – i.e. this home’s four walls, the lazy feeling of the neighbourhood and the standardized flat blocks – on a Sunday. Not forgetting to mention that I was attending an event filled with pretentious, loud indie kids – definitely not a big fan either. I don’t want to hear them yap nor do I want to hear them scream or just simply talk; it’s like being forced at a shooting range. But it was the first time both acts – The xx and Florence + The Machine – played here in the tiny island and they are a couple of acts that one should not be not attending to, just because of two stupid excuses.

I will confess that this, being the second time round I was alone at a concert (the first being Mystery Jets), I felt a little alone, with all these young indie groups of friends around. I tried to make several phone calls, and realized that the reception always fails one inside the Esplanade theatre. When the music started, it all faded away; during the intermission, I found familiar souls in the audience below on ground floor from above – the hi-5 in midair S and the seat-shifting L, and I found comfort; somehow, in music, I should have known that I was not alone.

The xx opened the show, and I shall admit that I came specially for them. These trio proves to be the quiet contenders; not big with words and interactions with the audience but heavy on the quality of music served and delivered. With their on-deck beats, guitar stringing, mystic plus beautiful lyrics and calm silence (Basic Space; Infinity), they were as good as the compact disc’s quality, if not better since they were somewhat within reach. I remembered myself closing my eyes at short durations to escape the surroundings and close in to the music played, the lyrics sang. If I hadn’t said it before here and I should have (so I should slap myself), I ♥ The xx.

Florence + The Machine in Singapore

Though my whole intention was The xx, Florence was crazy onstage. Her energy was like Japan’s bullet train on speed or something. Her interaction with the audience was full on, and she managed to get the Singapore audience to participate in with her crazy antics, i.e. the going-crazy screaming to the jumping to the polaroid picturetaking. Her dances and her movements seemed to be well constructed with the music, as though the music had demanded her body to move in this specific way and in no other particular manner. She embraced the crowd the same way most of the indie kids seemed to embrace her, showering her with the love (You’ve Got The Love) as though she is the new indie queen towering down on them. I could tell most kids were there for Florence, which for me was tad disappointing. Still, it is no wonder why so many young ones are in love with her, and the fact that she is one of the leading hype in the UK music scene at this moment in time.

So having them, both hyped artistes within shores, is truly an amazing experience.

In both sets, the lights were nicely coordinated with the melodies.

The only disappointment on my end is that they did not do a collaboration together like how The xx did the remix for Florence + The Machine’s track. I would have wished for a double indie bliss to have both acts onstage at the same time sharing their different musical styles and performing together; but still, I am no fool to complain to a good night of good music and a good morning of no goddamn work.


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