Vidiscovery: #113-114

A few weeks late in posting, so sorry for getting carried away over the weekends (as always) and the hectic workload on a normal 5-day work week. And still may even have to do some more on the upcoming Good Friday and the weekend ahead. Argh.

Rant aside, videos on. This is a combination of two weeks.


(15 – 28 March 2010)

Attack Music – These New Puritans
Pop Goes The World – Gossip
Easy – Dragonette
Window Seat – Erykah Badu
Daydreaming – Kid Sister
Death Crew 77 – The Bloody Beetroots







20 1 Best In The Class Late Of The Pier Sam Potter & Steve Glashier
19 18 5 Scissor Liars Andy Bruntel
18 12 19 Watching The Planets The Flaming Lips George Salisbury and Wayne Coyne
17 1 Spanish Sahara Foals Dave Ma
16 1 Valentino Diane Birch Dennis Liu
15 2 O.N.E. Yeasayer Radical Friend
14 2 In The Sun She & Him Peyton Reed
13 2 North To South East To You Jonathan Boulet Special Problems
12 11 3 Telephone Lady Gaga & Beyonce
(cameo from Tyrese Gibson)
Jonas Åkerlund
11 20 3 I Love Your Smile Charlie Winston
(featuring Audrey Tautou)
Marc Maggiori
10 8 4 White Monks Milk67
(featuring Nick Beyeler)
Vera Freitag
9 4 9 Skeletons Yeah Yeah Yeahs Barney Clay
8 1 10 So Light Is Her Footfall Air Edouard Salier
7 10 5 Giving Up The Gun Vampire Weekend
(cameos from Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas, RZA from Wu-Tang Clan & Lil’ Jon)
The Malloys
6 5 5 Let Go jj Marcus Söderlund
5 3 11 Soldier Of Love Sade Sophie Muller
4 6 4 Stylo Gorillaz
(featuring Bruce Willis)
Jamie Hewlett
3 9 4 Second Lives Vitalic Julien Henry
2 7 9 This Too Shall Pass
(2 versions)
Ok Go Brian L. Perkins;
James Frost, Ok Go & Synn Labs
1 2 8 Open Your Heart Mia Doi Todd Michel Gondry

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