Kumar: Stripped Bare & Standing Up

A day after the show itself, I tweeted a three-word review of it: “Kumar was acceptance.” It still pretty much summed up everything about the show, but what is a full entry post for if one can talk much more about it?

I must apologize to my sister first for tagging her along for the show when she wasn’t the original person meant to be attending it, and I believed she had shifted uneasy with some of the open topics discussed or made fun of for the audience’s entertainment that night. Still, I hoped that she had somewhat enjoyed the free show as a little birthday treat.

Next, I shall confess that I did not get all the jokes that Kumar had pulled onstage, and I will admit that I am not a smart one nor a fast one that catches on with the puns fast enough. Still, whatever I managed to get hold of, I had found myself laughing along with the surprisingly packed audience of the night, which was nice to see that there are so many lighthearted and not-so-uptight Singaporeans about.

Jokes about the nation, sexuality and the various races were taken out and laid on the ground for Kumar to walk upon, like a true blue drag queen diva in a glamorous dress, or in actual fact, several dresses. From a friend source (S) who had seen his previous standup comedy shows at a frequent bar, these are the topics Kumar love to discuss about – controversy, news close to home and the general stereotypes of the society, i.e. the Lees, the Chinese’s love to gamble even in funerals, the Malays probably doing drugs and the Indians’ with big dicks (he can’t help but touch himself there) and a recent trend to shorten their long names; the Merlion’s puking reaction to the building of the casinos, Ris Low etc. His delivery of jokes were mostly straight-in-yer-face punches that were difficult to resist and shield off – in no time, the crowd had begun bursting into fits of laughter.

It felt more like a personal showcase of himself. He revealed stories he had witnessed, the thoughts that ran through his mind as he went through the different paths in life he walked on, the issues that got him talking. It was as though he was broadcasting his journal aloud, and yet one knows that he is not revealing everything out there as though he is in a desperate need for unnecessary attention, and how everyone is always in need of their very own personal space sometimes. His “wedding” video, broadcasted as there is still no hope in the horizon for gay marriages here in Singapore and also that he could have enough time to prepare for the next item lined up (discussed right after this pointer) was both personal and real. His close family members and good friends described him and spoke of him as a friend, a person and an individual – and the key message in the video was to accept who we are as who it is, and to appreciate one another while our time on this Earth is still here, before it is all taken away from us.

He rounded up the night, the show with a dance which he skillfully executed, knowing that it was his moment. However, the moment that truly struck me that it was where he truly belongs, that it was his time to shine was when he stood right in front of the sign with fluorescent lights with his name on it, as he joked about in front of it; as he walked from one end of the stage to the other; as he took some time to look at it and emphasized on it. It was as though I knew he was embracing the moment, that he had waited a long moment for this to come. And guess what, it is here; it happened. The time has come.

Kumar surprisingly at a corporate event. Corporate folks surprisingly embracing Kumar. Yet the biggest surprise of it all, the corporate event is actually cool instead of some forced group encouragement cockshit. Wow.


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