Telepathe @ Home Club, January 8 2010

Wow really, how fast the months had slipped by. It had been one-quarter of a year since this gig, and I had thought that I went for it after The xx + Florence + The Machine, but no, I was wrong.

Taking place at Home Club, which is definitely one of the clubs that matters to the music scene, it began roughly at about 10pm, instead of the stated 8.30pm. So L, G, I and others were sitting by the riverside, talking about recent happenings in life or just sharing the music scene these days. There were also quite a handful of hippy kids, indie kids about, but that not let it bother us.

I was a little surprised by the poor turnout of audience; I would have thought that somehow, with magazine like Juice and international music blogs mentioning Telepathe, there would have been a bigger turnout of crowd – more hippy, indie kids. When opening act The Analog Girl (Mei Wong) was up onstage, it was as though she was practically performing to no one – and that was already at 10pm in the night.

Telepathe, to be honest, I did feel okay with (maybe, like) “So Fine”, and have heard “Chrome’s On It”, but their set was average. Maybe it was that it was the first time that I was watching an electronica act live, and unless one is seriously deeply in love with that genre of music, and wants to apply it to everything they hear, then they may fall deeply in love with the set. But for me, I felt lost – maybe I was standing at a location near the speakers, and the beats were in my ears and I couldn’t hear the melodies in some. Not to mention, the crowd were like dead rats. Telepathe tried to gather everyone closer, but generally there was a lack of response from the crowd, and Telepathe seemed to just sink in with the fact and fateful truth about Singaporean crowds. Interactions were minimum; the duo might have felt out of place playing to an unresponsive crowd, not quite sure of what to do or say.

After the show, Telepathe came out, where everyone was gathered outside Home Club to interact, socialize, catch some fresh night air (and heat wave), smoke a cigarette, and it was as though they were just one of them. I could almost hear it in their hearts, saying “Fuck Singapore, fuck this place, fuck the audience”, but that could just possibly be me. An opportunity to play music shouldn’t be this hateful, I presume.

An ex-friend was spotted as well, and I turned my back. It would have been awkward to say hello to someone one didn’t provide the new mobile number to, and moreover, it was a common topic amongst the rest of the friends how S had changed. So I faked ignorance and exited Home Club, or on a bigger scale, Clarke Quay.

In the studio with Telepathe:

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