What For?

It seems like for old friends, catching up usually requires a little bit of gossip.

On a recent happening, it occurred once again, like any other time before; but this time, I had confessed that recently, I had the intentions in removing the people that are no longer important in my life, or are no longer deemed as real friends; in other words, ‘friends’ that are just there as a categorization and add as nothing but a figure to sum them all up (I am not evil, and though one is not close to me does not mean that the person is not close to anyone else, and I do understand and respect this logic).

Friend Q suggested to delete them, as truly they did no longer meant much anymore, and I reasoned out with an explanation that that is where gossips nowadays come from; since without any form of contact anymore with these group of people, the only way to really know on their ongoings and happenings in life is through – yes, I admit – their Facebook profile of picture uploads, status updates and miniature conversations through comments. But I no longer lead the gossipmonger lifestyle, or that I no longer like to believe I do so (in the case that karma bites me right back in the arse).

A few nights thereafter, the thought and reasoning returned, and a pointer dawned upon me. Several people that I have added did not even conversed with me during the duration that I sort of knew them, and what much difference would it make now that here we are on Facebook? And I thought of people who never really made much of an intention to keep in touch with me in any form, and yes, I grew determination. (Though really, the whole topic means nothing)

So the deletion began a few days and nights back. I am sorry, but I will like to be a little personal for a while, and it is in these things that I can control that I should control about. It may not be that I hate them, but really, there are no longer words between us, and in a cruel realistic way, this is how we all move on. And for some relationships, this is the way to go about doing.

And to link it back to music, Mobius Band‘s video:


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