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The night was falling as this city’s landscape sideline zipped by, in a rather cozy, comfy cabride I was in as it drove past the highways. Darkness was still some time away, and there was a touch of evening redness to everything as the sun began its resting descend, passing over the skyline duties to the rightful hands of the stars and the moon; the nightwatchers.

And so I arrived at 20:00 hours at Fort Canning Park, late and clueless as to where I had to make my way to, as it had been a long time since I went there, so much so that I don’t even recall much memories out of the place. Stumbling around, I managed to find my way up a flight of stairs which led me to vast patches of greenery, the night skies, some of the common sights of Fort Canning Park at night, a wedding reception and a rock festival wedding carnival/party in full display. A what?

Honesty: I don’t really know the bride, L, at all. Hell, I also don’t really know the groom, E much more either. One may consider me shameless to tag along to such an event without knowing the parties involved, but it’s a celebration of love, of two individuals deciding to spend a lifetime together, and of endless love and passion for one another; and that of music! Thus, I found no shame in making my way down, thick-skinned or not. Okay, I just want to be there as well, fine?

Flashback: The first time I saw E was at Amberhaze‘s album launch party held at Dempsey House, where I was there for an Ooostage review. A tap on the shoulder, a silly amateur request to engage a stranger to assist in taking better pictures and in order to request away for the e-mail processing [of the pictures], a presentation of a namecard showed… damn, the record label manager of KittyWu Records. Some common friends [read: Midnight Marvel], some tweet exchanges, and just a neat person to know of.

Back to that eventful night, when I had arrived, I just narrowly missed out on The Karl Maka’s performance onstage, featuring Midnight Marvel’s lead singer Shirley assisting on several tracks. Managed to catch sight of L and S from Midnight Marvel at the reception clearing away their musical equipments and on their way to the car to safekeep them first, which prevented further confusion and loss of direction on my part. A huge carnival tent had been sent up as the main stage upfront; on the left of which, a balloon bouncer was blown for everyone’s (especially kids’, but not restricted to age limits) jumping pleasures; to the right were several food stalls offering the wedding attendees with food fresh from the grill. People were either comfortably walking about in the beautiful night fields, or just sitting on mats laid across the grass making conversations and enjoying the performances.

Joining the mass crowd, we sat down and began watching the wedding night’s performers, together with nice, long, juicy (not to be taken out of context) Botak Jones sausages on bread and papercups of beer. The only downside non-related to the organization of the wedding: the humidity in the atmosphere. Perspiration became unbearable, and feeling sticky was making things slightly uncomfortable (not to be taken out of context). Still, good food, good music, good company, good venue and a good wedding purpose all beat the only downside of the night, and contented as a little child I sat there, watching and listening.

Some of the other acts that performed that night (besides The Karl Maka featuring Midnight Marvel) included The Great Spy Experiment, closing act I Am David Sparkle, as well as Dehumanize – featuring the bride’s brother as lead vocals. They (Dehumanize) were definitely the highlight of the night in terms of performances, as they managed to bring the crowd together in a crazy frenzy, and as though a mostpit session was ongoing in front; also to rock hard and give a raw performance – heads banging in motion, hairs flying, piercing deep roaring/screaming. It was definitely a great ground to showcase many of such local talents and to provide a platform for them to perform their hearts out; furthermore for the good purpose in celebrating a vow for life.

(ignoring the lousy audio quality)

(witnessing E and L dancing)

Also heard-of artistes’ songs played that night: The xx, Jens Lekman, Girls. (How much cooler can it get?)

Side dumb blonde note: I also happened to see Amberhaze in the crowd as well, with his wife; and they may have slightly recognized me, though I couldn’t very well be 100% sure, and I sure do not want to try to act like I am some kind of bigshot to be recognized, so in a geeky kinda way, I felt thrilled – in a groupie kinda way.

While awaiting in between performances, me + L decided to lay down on the mat and look upon the night skies, in an absolutely, appropriately lazy kinda nice way. It was a pity there weren’t much stars that night – rather cloudy; but the weather had begun to cool as the night progressed on, so it was comforting to be chilling at that spot, at that moment. During I Am David Sparkle’s performance, at close to midnight, there were fireworks decorating and exploding into the night skies. Yes, fireworks. I repeat, FIREWORKS. With us laying down, legs on chairs, it was unbelievably stunning and beautiful to have such a magnificent display above us, something so real that one had to witness it to believe in everything.

I had great fun, nice fun, crazy fun.

It was sure nice of E to have me there, and thanks L and S for extending the invite over, and of mentioning about it to me. It was also bloody nice of E to come over to have a conversation moment too – my geeky moments are acting up already, and if I had been awkward, it was only because I know that I am truly glad and was stuck in the moment, stuck at that moment.

A great night. A great concert. A great company of friends and friends of friends. A great wedding. A great display of fireworks. A great couple. This is something that no one (I have a sneaking suspicion) will ever manage to top this up in any way, in terms of a wedding of any form. NO ONE, hear me? No one will actually even come this close. What else can I wish for than to be there to witness it unveiled before my very own eyes?

Oh yes, I do have a wish afterall – I wish E and L, nothing but greatness ahead, longevity, prosperity and everything nice all rolled up as one. Nothing less of it.

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