Corinne Bailey Rae: The Truth Behind The Review (In Point Forms) – The Unprofessional

The review is up here, where one may have read so, but what’re the undisclosed?

  • Generally, I am thrilled by this being the first concert/gig review I was doing for Power Of Pop. I only got to know that I was going for the concert the day prior to the event, and moreover, the ticket was free and for press release; thus, in other words, good seating (row F)!
  • I suspect I yawned more than twice throughout the concert – by that aspect, I am not saying the concert was an entire bore. I had a day of work and personally, I am the tiring kind – I can yawn almost non-stop in the past on my journey to school early in the morning. I always thought I will make a good actor when it comes to crying scenes cause all I had to do was to yawn internally and the tears will flow.
  • I could see Corinne’s face! I could see that she’s wearing a jumpsuit as well, which instantly made me think of Go Fug Yourself, and their insults on this particular type of clothes.
  • “Half the night, I was waiting for a vulnerable performer, performance; just don’t ask me why.”  – I was referring to the passing of her husband, Jason Rae.
  • I saw someone cute while making my entrance into the performance theatre. Stranger sat some rows behind, on the edge of the row, to my left. Browsed through the leaflets like I did while I was awaiting for the doors to open, and sat on the same cushioned seat outside the theatre, shared by me and others. (Cheap thrill)
  • I saw Chua Enlai while making my exit after the concert.
  • I could have had dinner with E and G and R, but I gave it a miss – also afraid that they may get sick and tired of seeing the same me sometimes.

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