Vidiscovery: #118 (National Day’s Long Weekend)

Commentary: Engaging celebrities to be a part of one’s music videos has always been an interesting feat, and never fails to catch one’s attention. It also helps to highlight the sociablity of people – especially so in Hollywood – and does help with building one’s status and reputation in the game of musical survival. Much so this week, with the release of Eminem and Rihanna’s collaboration video of “Love The Way You Lie”, starring Megan Fox (reason enough that men should watch already) and Dominic Monaghan. The biggest rising video this week also had the aid of cameos, and within the top 3, a bootylicious assassin works her way into the video’s peak position and in saving the lead singer.


(26 – 8 August 2010)







20 14 5 Misery Maroon 5 Joseph Kahn
19 10 9 Crash Years The New Pornographers Sammy Rawal
18 11 12 Cosmic Love Florence + The Machine Tom Beard & Tabitha Denholm
17 19 3 Thieves She & Him Norwood Cheek
16 2 Spectacular Girl Eels
15 8 8 Fire Escape
(2 versions with alternate endings)
Fanfarlo Jamie Thraves
14 2 Your Easy Lovin’ Ain’t Pleasin’ Nothin’ Mayer Hawthorne Jackson Perry & Henry DeMaio
13 2 No Longer Fun Rey Pila Whitcher & Ariel Danziger
12 4 10 Dreaming Of Another World Mystery Jets Yoann Lemoine
11 2 California Gurls Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg Matthew Cullen
10 1 Love The Way You Lie Eminem featuring Rihanna
(starring Megan Fox & Dominic Monaghan)
Joseph Kahn
9 5 16 Islands The xx Saam Farahmand
8 12 6 Baltimore Clap Benga Kristofer Ström for Blinkink
7 2 Fire In Your New Shoes Kaskade featuring Dragonette Chic & Artistic
6 2 9 Only Man
(2 versions)
Audio Bullys Jonas & Francois / Paul Dugdale
5 8 4 Mother Bon Homme William Stahl
4 17 4 Hello Martin Solveig
(starring Bob Sinclar, Novak Djokovic, Gael Monfils)
3 6 5 Crossfire Brandon Flowers
(starring Charlize Theron)
Nash Edgerton
2 3 5 Fight Song We Are The World Jonathon Narducci
1 1 8 End Love Ok Go Eric Gunther and Jeff Lieberman

Here’s wishing the nation a happy 45th.


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