Vidiscovery Top 50 Music Videos Of 2010: #30-21

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It is already 2011 and I am not even done with this listing. Forward, shall go.


“Fire Escape”
Jamie Thraves

“is one a pessimistic/optimistic?”
This Fanfarlo video for a single off their debut album “Reservoir” released in 2009 offers viewers two alternative endings to choose from – one for those with the positive mindsets and the other for the pure sadist kind (without revealing too much details). Lead singer Amos Memon plays the role of a jumper about to end his life and his world, before being interrupted off his masterplan by his fellow bandmates, seemingly from a self-help group. But there are certainly more things that meet the eye.

If ask me, I would definitely choose the first ending – not because I am someone who is all overly postive, but I am a pure sucker for happy endings. What say you?


“This Is It”
Michael Jackson
Spike Lee

“long live the King”
A year back from 2010, on June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson passed away. Fans around the world were devastated (with the huge possibility that some still are), and began showering Michael and his family members with love. His music, maybe forgotten by some and not known by the current generation of youngsters and music listeners alike, but still largely remembered and known by many affected in a beautiful charming way, were once again picked up and played on repetition by radio stations around the world.

“This Is It” was directed by the legendary Spike Lee, and captures the journey and life of Michael Jackson, and the legend everyone had came to know him by. The ending scene of the famous hat and diamond studded gloves, well-known trademarks of MJ himself, and a strong beam of light shining on the items in a night setting from up above, like heaven, is sure to stir up feelings beyond, and bring about the reminsce of a star we may be guilty of forgetting in our everyday lives.


“Drunk Girls”
LCD Soundsystem
Spike Jonze

“James Murphy should never be a woman”
There are so much happenings/events going on in this 4:13″ video by LCD Soundsystem, most of them well-arranged and organized pranks on the 3 featured members of LCD Soundsystem, that it makes the now defunct MTV-reality series named “Punk’d” hosted by Ashton Kutcher looks pretty much like a, well, prank itself.


“In This Shirt / The Lady Is Dead”
The Irrepressibles / PAG
Roy Raz

“Probably Lady GaGa… when she’s older”
There’s something about male vocalists/singers that can really sing and being totally gay. Fine examples? The lead singer of The Irrepressibles, Jamie McDermott, sounds exactly as good, with a touch of class, just like Antony Hegarty of Antony & The Johnson and Hercules & Love Affair fame. It’s no wonder – one of their major influences happens to be the band itself.

The video is brilliantly censored exactly at the right angle, and seems to blur the line on the issue of censorship: young looking boys pulling down their underwears, with the camera angle teasingly lowered to the exact point where it doesn’t reveal too much, yet enough to know that nudity is involved in the scenes; a girl eating another’s pussy with small ball particles in place of one’s vagina and the other’s mouth.

A more in-depth perspective, from a viewer: “it’s sad because everybody feels trapped in some kind of undefinable space they’ve been put and raised in. When you know it, you make this video, you analyse it, you understand. If you repress it, you will most likely cry watching this video, waking up; burning underneath the pain of not being able to say and do what you feel; to face your mistakes and others. It’s sad that we are made like this – held in fear, possibly never being able to release your potential.”


“Madder Red”
(starring Kirsten Bell)
Andreas Nilsson

“all the (animal) lovers”
Okay, if one doesn’t know the solo and emotional side of me, which is perfectly normal, as I am a soul that likes to cover up and not reveal too much (except in recent times, in words), I do cry when I see a sad scene – be it related to life, love, loss or death. And this could very well be the one for me in 2010.

Kirsten Bell stars at a pet owner in this music video, which is nothing out of the ordinary. The strange thing appears to be the pet – a dough-ish round creature with a protuding leg dangling by one of its side, and with one eye only. Nonetheless, unconditional love is displayed, and tear one’s heart out at 3:25″, as Kirsten looks through the glass panel into the vet’s operating room, with a hand pressed against the crystal clear surface, tears streaming naturally (though it is all acted out) down from her eyes. And at 3:44″, when it seems as though sadness couldn’t suppress any further, and her body stood there like an empty shell, soulless.

Can melt some of the cold hearts out there. And yes, I am guilty – I flashed this video in front of my currently 3-years-old niece to possibly teach her a little bit on love. Too early?


“Only Man”
Audio Bullys
Jonas & Francois / Paul Dugdale

“don’t wanna see you with no other men”
In the first version, directed by Paul Dugdale, both members of Audio Bullys star against one another, in a head-first car battle to be the “only man”. I think the outcome will likely to be a “no man” result.

The second version, directed by the duo that did Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E.” video, or the duo that prevented Kanye West from winning an EMA in one year and were invited to direct – no surprise – Kanye West’s “Good Life” video in the next (also featuring T-Pain), features a whole lot of gangstas and street vibes. Shot mostly from below, it gives shoemakers a different perspective to conceptualize and concentrate their creativity and art works on – the soles of shoes. Though it would pretty much be pointless, really.


“Giving Up The Gun”
Vampire Weekend
(starring  Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas, RZA (Wu-Tang Clan), Lil’ Jon)
The Malloys

“superstar tennis”
Trying hard to break into America, fellows?

Joe Jonas stars as a proud competitor, Jake Gyllenhaal as a drunken soul, RZA of Wu-Tang Clan as the referee/judge, Lil’ Jon as a personal coach – one doesn’t get a tennis match/tournament as star-studded as this, no less a digital one. And it doesn’t take long before one realizes that the ultimate enemy to a person is their very own self.


Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Barney Clay

“skeleton me (love don’t cry)”
Simplicity at its best, Karen O and gang deliver a trippy, kaleidoscope-ish experience set against a black & white cemetery setting. With heavy mist everywhere, the band members appear in various instances, with certain scenes containing multiple layers of Karen O overlapping one another, creating a hallucinatory state that leans towards enigma rather than eeriness. Backed by the cryptic lyrics found in “Skeletons”, the video ultimately evokes a sense of lucid dreaming that, despite the gothic nature behind it, actually comes across as a pleasant and calming trip.
[Text by LameBPM’s Alvin Tham]


“Love The Way You Lie”
Eminem & Rihanna
(starring Megan Fox & Dominic Monaghan)
Joseph Kahn

“Megan Fox, men lust”
This is the #1 song of 2010, as accordingly to the UK Singles Chart’s sales figures, and impressively, it did not reach the #1 spot one single bit, peaking closest at the neighbouring #2 position. Still, it outsold the rest of the singles in 2010.

The reason one [at least, most men] should watch this video is to watch Megan Fox, to see her frustrated, to see her curse, to see her make love with Lost / Lord Of The Rings star Dominic Monaghan, to see her vulnerable… And that is a speech made from a non-Megan Fox fan of myself. The irony, isn’t it?


“We Are Water”
Eric Wareheim

“the balls are usually the weakest link”
Sheer grotesque brutality.

With a dark, cinematic feel, the story starts out the way a horror film will, guy chases girl with (insert choice of weapon). And as expected, there is a twist to the plot, and this is where the video shines in all its glory, amplifying the darkness that runs throughout with vivid, grotesque imagery (note: men, beware).

Without divulging too much, everything ends with a raw, animalistic feel, one big bloody mess that complements the beautiful noise being churned out by Health.

Watch it not for the story, but for the striking visuals.
[Text by LameBPM’s Alvin Tham]

20-11 is next.


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