Vidiscovery Top 50 Music Videos Of 2010: #20-11

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Narrowing down.


“Paradise Circus”
Massive Attack
Toby Dye

“The Internet’s for porn”
Either way, one has been watching pornography, or been engaging in a lifestyle worthy enough to be caught in one. This video invites a former actress in a fuck film, past her age of wilderness, youth and adventure to talk about her feelings, experience and the what-is-she-thinking-of thoughts for appearing in sucha film. Edited in a way that her confessions are shown as snippets in between scenes of orgasm, planned-out sex and “I want to suck your cock” taglines, it shows the struggle for fame and the empowering/mystic sensation of being filmed in front of the camera, a camera, and what actions and sacrifices a person is willing to take and to go ahead with.


“California Gurls”
Katy Perry & Snoop Dogg
Mathew Cullen

“look at the cherries on cupcakes on boobies!”
The props well and heavily prepared for and designed aside, when will mainstream ever have an indirect jerk at censorship, with the visions of cherries on top of the icing of cupcakes on women’s breasts, looking like sharp pointed nipples; and another of Mrs. Brand putting two cans of whipped cream on her boobies (must be her favourite parts of the whole body, I reckon) and spraying out fresh, loaded white… whipped cream, of course, what else?

In case one didn’t know yet, the “Gurls” in the title is spelt wrongly on purpose to remember and pay tribute to Alex Chilton, a member of Big Star who passed away on March 17, 2010, and had a hit entitled “September Gurls”. Now that’s pop with a right purpose. Whipped cream, anyone?


“White Knuckles”
Ok Go
Trish Sie & Ok Go

“who let the dogs out?”
SPCA approved. This is one of the best well-coordinated music videos around, and making it more distinctive than a lot of those out there with insane dance moves between people, this one engages the paws of assistance from a group of dogs. Could very well be used as a commercial for dog trainers, dog training schools, adoption for dogs associations and everything in between and in the likes of. The Ok Go lads, besides giving a hand in directing the video (providing the concept and all), also handles the props needed to pull out this one-shot stunt video, busying themselves like mad robotic humans throughout the duration of the shoot.


“Fight Song”
We Are The World
Jonathon Narducci

“it’s all the same song, love song, fight song, then we die”
Set against a backdrop of minimalism, yet entirely filled with majestic movements, actions, activities, motion-flow, or whatever one calls it to be, this “Fight Song” video is disturbingly beautiful – with haunting masked folks dancing and moving in vibrant swifts and strokes, catching the slightest attention and changing into attraction; not leaving out on a single detail, either intentionally or unintentionally. Just wondering if the band members are majority fans of Michael Jackson to have named the group so; just a curious thought.


“White Monks”
Vera Freitag

“gay fantasy”
This video may have broken all the censorship taboos out there – nudity, suggestive same-sex involvement and activities, and even religion. Sex does sell – hard lesson it is, but true – afterall, when it comes to first impressions. Especially when one deals with a whole load of them (don’t let the explicit minds stray here). Let me pause here for a while and press replay like Iyaz before continuing; afterall, I am only human.


(starring Bruce Willis)
Jamie Hewlett

“runaway, runaway”
Blasting down a lonely highway through the desert in a bullet-ridden Camaro, ¾ of our beloved British virtual band Gorillaz seem frenetic to get somewhere, to get away from something. It’s definitely not the fat-ass cop whose faux comical appearance merely sticks out like a sore thumb in this somewhat spooky (ed: really?) video. Bruce Willis appears to be a bounty hunter of sorts (albeit an inadequate one), recklessly toying around with them and seemingly enjoying every single moment of it. The ending is predictable – our 3D companions manage to escape, living a thread open for continuation in perhaps their next music video.
[Text by LameBPM’s Alvin Tham]


Lady Gaga & Beyoncé
(starring Tyrese Gibson & Semi Precious Weapons)
Jonas Åkerlund

“pussy is legal”
For many, this would probably be one of the best mainstream videos of 2010 out there. Lady Gaga, being her usual self, challenges and dares herself with more controversies, touching on topics not commonly featured/discussed on mainstream/commercial grounds – in a way, setting the bar high and higher. This time, Beyoncé wants a slice of the pop pie as well, probably to retain her pop status and position, seeing possible threats arising from her “partner”-in-crime (this way, they will seem more like a duo, a collaboration). Censorship is the target once again, as it blurs out the line on what can and cannot be seen. So I guess it is fine to say “pussy” in the mass media now, is it? Or is that just an exclusive right given to Gaga only, because they are just finding it impossible to censor her any further than they have already done so? (“Pussy Wagon” was printed out at the back of the escape vehicle both culprits were travelling in)

Sometimes I wonder how much more can Gaga go, before people do get sick of her antics, of her attention seeking manners, and how she has literally copied the style and fashion of Peaches on two separate occasions thus far. Enya sings best in this case scenario, “who knows, only time”.


“Born Free”
Romain Gavras

“cause I was born free”
Romain Gavras is definitely the go-to director if one has a dark, possibly dirty, but absolutely violent thought or concept that one will like to bring up, and/or to create a visual with. Previously, he directed another “dark” themed music video for Justice’s “Stress”, equally meeting characteristics described earlier.

In “Born Free”, M.I.A. does not make a single appearance in the video, but in her place comes military violence, with a group of young men as sacrifices or tools for abuse. One of the main male leads in the video was shot straight to the head (made believe, but look really real), while another’s body exploded into pieces after stepping on a live mine, while the rest suffered the fate of being beaten hard to the ground. The 12-year-old “shot in the head”, Ian Hamrick, sided M.I.A. against the controversy and criticism raised against the violence captured in the 9 minutes video, and said that this was merely “showing violence to end violence”. What’s your say?


“Soldier Of Love”
Sophie Muller

“I’m a soldier of love, every day & night”
One knows that this video is going to make an impact when the soldier-like dance moves are captivating, and the sight of Sade standing still firmly, back facing the camera, speaks more than any words can say. It is almost empowering, like a secret charm, of power and yet not revealing it fully. Sophie Muller continues her impressive directorial resumé.


Martin Solveig
(starring Bob Sinclar, Novak Djokovic & Gael Monfils)
Tristan Seguela & Martin Solveig

Martin Solveig and Bob Sinclar, both mainstays in the house music scene, as well as tennis stars Novak Djokovic and Gael Monfils, feature in this amusing video of “Hello” by Martin Solveig & Dragonette. Starting with a somewhat excessively contrived and lengthy introduction, it provides some light-hearted entertainment as a lead-up to a tennis game between Solveig (who looks uncannily like Michael Cera here), and Sinclar. The cameos by the 2 tennis stars were uninspiring to say the least, with the addition of The Lady being the only saving grace. Despite the cheesy plot and the bittersweet ending, the overall epic sensation of the tennis game fits “Hello” quite well (massive live audience is much appreciated), culminating in an effort that creates an anthem out of both video and song.

(Ed: I just find it impressively amazing how Martin Solveig – of course, besides his fame, status and popularity – managed to engage a massive audience of tennis fans, who were definitely there to watch some tournament match that will happen most probably sometime after the shooting of this video, to patiently sit there throughout the duration of this video shoot, and to await for the desired match thereafter. Are they paid or something, or is it the passion that drives?)
[Text by LameBPM’s Alvin Tham]

10-1 – the final stretch – is next. Stay tuned!


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