Fresh Infatuation: Jamie Woon

Yes, as I said before and would like to re-emphasize, it will and has been a while for this blog, and the next.

What have I been up to? Not much, not much afresh, to be honest. There’s the usual of being busy and acting busy, the friends’ meetings, those that come and go in my life, of course the best would be those that still stick around. Still penning for Power Of Pop slash Kevin Mathews, but on the money front I have already left my previous job and have entered the state and stage of a hobo. So, expenses are watched much more on a tighter budget, since I am not the prince of a palace, but nice hangouts will still be granted, but only of course.

And I just bought 8 CDs. That is, with some vouchers received for my birthday, thanks to Q, M & A. Sweet folks they really are, and everyone! (Though I topped up SGD60+ more for some of the remaining CDs, I was, in fact, considering some 11) (now waiting for a couple more) (Sweet Jesus, I will be broke one day)

On music front, the reason why I decide to pen this entry out of the blues is because of my infatuation with a couple of male singers with their names beginning with J. It almost seems like the romantic types will have a ‘J’ as their initials in their names, and it is in the case of James Blake – and this week’s current mad midnight craze, Jamie Woon.

Such a voice, such a simplicity blend between his vocals with that of the electronic beats. And to think that when I first heard “Night Air” back when the initial hype surfaced and was surrounding it, it didn’t catch on. But that’s the way with music, you really would never know where your love lies. That was the same case with the xx, only catching on several months after the songs’ downloads.

Some 3-4 years ago videos here:

And the recent single for “Night Air”:

Also, acoustic for “Waterfront”, just released this past week. The wonders of true romance and technology:

He will also be on this week’s PopTV on Power Of Pop with “Lady Luck” (x2):

Marry me already, won’t you?

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