Birdy: “Skinny Love” (Bon Iver cover)

And so, I didn’t particularly fall in love with this track at its initial listen. Even to a point when I was wondering, “who the Hell is Birdy, and really, sucha name?”

Another shame of me moment, really.

The video does complimentary effects for the song as well, shot in a beautifully artistic (read: ah-tas) house that seems to have its occasional exposure of sunlight, and then not – into its kept darkness, as though keeping its contents and residents a secret from the rest of the world, to retain its beauties as much as its vulnerabilities. And are you, me or us doing the same as well with our lives? I am not quite sure of this, but let’s see.


This song is a cover of Bon Iver’s hit, off their 2008’s debut album “For Emma, Forever Ago”. Where the original has its folk/indie/alternative elements to it, Birdy has managed to make the track more mainstream, a little pop and mostly adult contemporary. It even made its way onto BBC Radio 1’s playlist and within The Official Singles Chart Top 40 positions. And let’s bear in mind that this girl is only 14 years old – as according to a friend source N.

Yes, I can almost hear the “what? 14? with such singing talents?” comments buzzing around.

Now watch this video on repeat like I have been doing the entire day, especially much so a habit of mine with my top music video discoveries of the week for myself.

On another note, I think the focus for Power Of Pop should be more for the regional and local scenes, and as such, PopTV should reduce in its contents of foreign talents. I guess it should be the only right move. But yes, there will still be the occasional buzz that I will be sending there. Keep a lookout, here or there, as I try to update more in life, and of course, in music.

It’s 2.15am on a Monday morning, and though I am a hobo, I should sleep and rest my world.

Till the next entry.


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