It’s no secret – or maybe it is, but I am currently hyped up about the Hip-Hop genre of music.

One can say it’s a very gangsta game of pretentious imageries, but let this subside, and what one may get as the residue is the hook of a catchy tune or a pure genius at work. And for a person to be fully appreciative of what music can be able to offer, one must embrace all the genres of music, and not just stick with one that one is comfortable with. Yes, I am referring to the hipsters out there – the proclaimed indie people, who likes to think that everything they do in life has to be cool and that would probably make them cool as well. And this is also a note for me, yes, for the genres of classical music and yes, the dreaded country ones.

Anywho, back onto the Hip-Hop vibes, a few of the people that I have been singing praises over these days include the usual suspects of Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Theophilus London, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Damian Marley, Blueprint, Shad, Drake – and yes, these are artistes that are currently featured on my iPod’s Go! Hits playlist (music on the go).

Even Rick Ross is impressive. He seems to be featured everywhere, from his own projects to the likes of Kanye West and Travis Barker. Nicki Minaj can either come across as in-yer-face or direct with her style and music, but her guest appearance on “Monster” is just plain stunning, especially when she screamed like a she-wolf. Even the girl I am listening to – Robyn, has been engaging the streets sound into her brand of electronica dance music, with a perfect example in the Snoop Dogg collaboration for “U Should Know Better”.

Eminem and Dr. Dre are back in the game as probably the kings of it all, and not forgetting Busta Rhymes. Hear how breathless and absolutely professional he sounds as a feature rapper with Lil’ Wayne on Chris Brown’s current single, “Look At Me Now”. So much so that I have to download the track just because of the rhythms that are spitting out of the masterlips of Busta.

And I hate to admit it, but yes, Hip-Hop is definitely back in the game. Or has it even left us in the first place?


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