Maroon 5 “Hands All Over” Concert Press Conference In Singapore, 25th April 2011

(While awaiting for the room to cool for the night sleep, which is much needed as I am feeling tired in the eye regions; and the weather and humidity have been both a hand-in-hand couple of bitches. Moreover, wanted to write)

Was at the above event on the above specific date, at around 17.30-ish (as always, late, but knowing media events, they are usually late-R). It is the press conference for Maroon 5’s “Hands All Over” concert tour in Singapore. Knew it last minute-ly and took it up.

Adam Levine naturally was the centre of attraction, but the other members had their times to interact as well.

What I want to rant was this rather decent black dressed girl/lady, who basically was asking questions more related to American Idol/reality TV than Maroon 5, such as (not exactly, directly quoted but something in the lines of) “what do you think of your songs being performed by American Idol contestants”; “what do you think of so-and-so’s performance of “This Love” last week on AI?” and “would you ban contestants on singing Maroon 5’s songs on NBC’s The Voice (which Adam is a guest judge on)?”

Yes, the one seated on the utmost left of the right front row (from the perspective of the audience facing the band).

Get a grip, girl. And ask more appropriate, related questions.

For the full article, watch out for it at Power Of Pop.

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