Lykke Li, Live in Singapore, 21st September 2011

So news of Lykke Li coming to Singapore sometime in September came alive yesterday afternoon, when I saw a tweet posted about it by a local/regional international pop blog (funny the classification of “local/regional international”, as I believe the blogsite is very concentrated in the international pop scene, and not much so for the local/regional scene).

Nonetheless, the news has been confirmed further: the date is on 21st September, and the location set at Esplanade. I hope that there will be room for us to dance at. Hah!

Lykke Li surfaced in the music scene with her infectious pop melodies, roots and crispy clear vocals. Add a dash of emotions and vulnerability, and pop never sounds ever more adult contemporary. Debut single, “Little Bit”, was even remixed and featured on Drake’s mixtape. The video for “I’m Good, I’m Gone” was named by myself and this site as the #3 video for 2008 (click, click). In early 2011, she returned with her second album offering after “Youth Novels”, with “Wounded Rhymes”, with more cases of the emotions. (fine and dandy examples are “Sadness Is A Blessing” and the heart-wrenching “I Follow Rivers”)

Catch her if one can, and I will catch her if I can, too!

Some videos below of hers to tease your dollar bills in your wallet (they want you to go, too!):


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