Sorta-Sponsored Post: MTV Video Music Awards 2011

The MTV Video Music Awards is happening once again this year, and the nice folks at MTV Asia (@mtvasia) had once again arranged an early (wayyyy tooooo early, and it’s always Mondays to accommodate the US folks and timing as it’s Sunday primetime in their regional time zone) screening-cum-bloggers’ session-cum-social media hype stimulation-cum-free breakfast buffet! I’m cheap, and I couldn’t help but be bought over. They [MTV Asia] had been doing this for most of their awards shows now, and this time won’t be any much different. And it’s MTV Asia, where I may still have hoped that I get a dream job some day.

Nonetheless, there are some anticipation involved on my end this time round, in the form of Adele and Tony Bennett’s tribute to Amy Winehouse, amongst others, as listed (and copied from Wikipedia; creativity led me to re-jumble up the list to appear original – fuck you for judging) below:

Pre-show: Cobra Starship
House artist (probably dancing and singing and appearing sane and appearing sober all at the same time – not an easy feat, mind you): Jessie J
Lady Gaga
Tony Bennett (tribute to Amy Winehouse)
Tribute to Britney Spears (she’s not dead yet, mind you)
Kanye West and Jay-Z
Young The Giant
Bruno Mars
Lil’ Wayne
Chris Brown

Catch the telecast on MTV Asia across the week, starting from 29th August, 9am and 8pm (Singapore time).


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