Some Videos Of Last Week

So, at MTV Asia’s office wayyy earlyyy for the screening of the VMA for this year, and decided to blog and post some videos that I watched some time during the weekend last week (or just yesterday and yesterday’s yesterday).

Still Corners – “Cuckoo”

I thought this is rather dreamy, alas Beach House style. And the fade-in, fade-out facial visuals is kinda like the making of the artwork for James Blake’s debut CD. The blending mixture of colours also works wonder on this rather rainy, dark and gloomy Monday. Thank God I don’t have to work.

St. Vincent – “Cruel”

The cinematography for this video is very amazing, very Hollywood-made and very sudden and random. If I am linking the song and the concept of the video right, it is something like saying that it is cruel for men to “capture” and “imprison” women into a relationship, a marriage life, a family life and becoming domesticated housewives. In the end, with the flaws she begins to surface as all humans do have, the family eventually finds her dispensable and buries her alive. Watch her sing herself alive (or dead, whichever way) as she gets herself covered up by soil in her surroundings.

Marina & The Diamonds – “Radioactive”

She does sound a little mainstream radio, danceable radio-friendly with this second single, post-“Fear And Loathing”. But love the fact that she seems to be experimental with her image, and her songs are showing that too. Her voice remains intactable, untouchable, in a world of her own.

TV Girl – “Baby You Were There”

There always seems to be some time (and directorial) for stop motion.


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