A not-so roundtable interview with The Wanted

Dear interviewing woman to the right of us,

You look quite ugly (though averagely ordinary, honestly speaking, but honesty usually don’t pay in this modern society, so you know what? You are ugly. Fugly.), and you have the arrogant bitch feel, vibe, aura and look when you first entered the ballroom of Mandarin Oriental for The Wanted’s roundtable interview on a Monday, 19th September 2011.

That’s right, when I glanced across the room, I had the tendency to want to stare instead. Yes, you have that power, but I am not sure if it’s a good thing in a humane kinda way.

And then when the “roundtable” interview started, you began to show your tentacles. You jumped the line; you asked more questions than anyone else in the room; you made it seem like it’s your 1-on-1 interview session with The Wanted instead of a group interview session; most importantly, you asked really stupid questions.

I don’t really care about Singapore. I don’t really care about their image of Singapore. I don’t really care about the communication between the lads and their mother, either. I sure am not in the caring mood for the age of their freakiest fan in Singapore.

When the management tried to wrap up the interview, you questioned on. I congratulate you for your tough fighting spirit, but it also showed your unprofessionalism. Then also, bitching about you here is completely unprofessional on my end, but this is my blog and I can say fuck you if I want. [Yeah? So fuck you.]

To wrap up, you are so ugly, so filthy ugly. And I think you are an unmarried virgin, with lots of growing hormones generated from the body from age.

My otherwise great (superb!) questions for The Wanted
1. How would you convince a music listener who is not a fan of your music, or not in the know of it, to like your music?
2. With the vast variety of music the world is exposed to these days, how would the band want/hope to fit into the big picture?
3. Do you guys/your friends laugh at the “boyband” concept and stereotyping?
4. Second album will be out on the 7th November 2011, with the release of the next, third single titled “Lightning”. Tell us more! (Saw a picture of Max George in a wheelchair – is that linked with the music video concept?) What can fans expect different from their self-titled debut?
5. You guys have a 2012 Arena Tour coming up, and will be supporting Justin Bieber at The Z Festival in Sao Paolo, Brazil. How exciting it that? How are the preparations for those?
6. With the different personalities in each member, how does it benefit the (sound of the) band as a whole?
7. British invasion is certainly taking over the music world right now. So what’ll the next goal/achievement for The Wanted be – world domination?
8. How did you guys celebrate the UK #1 successes of “All Time Low” and “Glad You Came” singles?

The proper, lengthy interview (with transcription till 3am on that same Monday-Tuesday! Holy moly!) is here.


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