I assume,
I always do.
The mind is a wondrous place, isn’t it?
– I am not sure if that’s in a good or a bad way.

I assume I’ll be alright,
I assume everything will be alright,
I assume things are better off as the way they are,
I always assume.

I assume you hate me now,
That you don’t really wanna see me now,
Dead or alive,
Just another piece of history.

I assume life would be simpler now,
I assumed life could get better as I get older,
as Aimee Mann sang,
in “31 Today”,

“Thirty-one today
What a thing to say
Drinking Guinness in the afternoon
Taking shelter in the black cocoon

I thought my life would be different somehow
I thought my life would be better by now
But it’s not,
And I don’t know where to turn

Called some guy I knew
Had a drink or two
And we fumbled as the day grew dark
I pretended that I felt a spark”

Went skinny dipping today,
totally weirdest shit and yet something I had wanted to,
Let’s not get into details,
but the waters around were cold and dirty, the lights were dim and glad not to be able to see clearly.

I assume you’re better now,
I assume someone is in the picture now.
I assume naked silhouettes,
I assume pleasure in the purest form, tangled in messy sheets.

I assume I should keep clear,
I assume I have no more rights to.
I assume I was the only one feeling this way,
I assume otherwise.

I said,
I felt like I’m going mad.
And a reply,
welcome to life – it’s all madness.


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