Zee Avi

So I spent/wasted the entire Sunday, 27th November 2011, transcribing a 26 minutes, 31 seconds voice memo on the iPhone, for Zee Avi’s roundtable interview, which took place at Tabs just the week’s Monday six days ago.

Call me slow, call me wasteful, but some parts of me still thinks it was worth it, well, at least, that is before I went a little mental, and realized that I had wasted a whole Sunday off, and had not stepped outta the house for the whole day, and also was looking (and still am) at the computer for all these time, and went out to buy cheese. Don’t ask me why, but I have a craving for cheese these days.

It was a pleasurable interview, to say the least. This time round, unlike the previous The Wanted one, where there was a bitch present and literally stealing the interviewing, questioning show. Everyone around had a chance to ask their own prepared questions; it was a relative smaller group of about 5-6, excluding photographers and the presence of Kevin (Mathews) to semi-, unknowingly pressurize me (don’t tell him I say this); the setting was nice; and I got to ask some of my questions (creatively crafted and selfishly promotional of them, shameless tagging here). The only issue was that Tab was playing its stereo music a little too loud, and even though it was beautiful Norah Jones singing, we would have preferred the volume to have been turned down or out during the session.

So nothing much really to bitch about the interview. Below are the original drafted questions, posted here for memory’s sake:

  • What are your views of the Asian music scene in the general and current state of world music?
  • The Internet revolution – pro or con – bigger exposure to music or more openness/tendency to illegacy?
  • How does it feel being (having your YouTube video) picked up by Raconteurs’s drummer (Patrick Keeler) and passed along to then-White Stripes manager Ian Montone?
  • “Bitter Heart” – your biggest hit to date – has made you a household name, regionally and somewhat, internationally. How does it feel, and how have things changed since success has found its way on your doorstep? (role model responsibilities?)
  • How has your firm roots and lifehood in Malaysia assist in your songwriting process, as well as with the exposure that you’re now having?
  • Where do you want your music to be in the next years, or in the books of history? Where do you want to push/put Asian music on the world map?
  • My friend and I totally like (or dig!) “Kantoi”, the Malay-English infused tune. Share more about this short yet sweet and contagious (adorable lyrics, too) (yet with a twist in the storytelling of cheating) song with us. Any plans to do the same with other languages as well?
  • Share with us something you face while pursuing your dreams (struggling). What would you advise struggling musicians out there on the pursue of their own dreams?
  • Share with us a secret music inspiration – that will surprise and would not expect to be coming from you.
  • “Ghostbird” – details on album, progression, direction, vision on the album.
  • Covers seem to be an in thing these days, also in the jazz/lounge music scene. Who would you like to cover next? A possible all-covers album, alas The Bird & The Bee did Hall & Oates sytle? (she covered Morrissey and Interpol)
  • People don’t usually see the other side of music, an artiste, the hard work, the hidden side.
  • Where do you see music in the not-so-near, not-so-far future?
  • Vinyls, CDs or mp3?
  • Outtake/outlook on life in general. Aspirations, next goal?

The post should be appearing some time later today, do keep a lookout for it at Power Of Pop.


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