A Struggle For A Year End’s List: Best Album Cover, Totally Judging By Its Cover

So this is what it comes down to, a struggle for a year end’s list to come out with, with whatever the last remaining days of 2011 (spillover effect into the new year applicable, too) there is left remaining. Life is ticking away! Why, sitting down there, wasting time away? Smoke weed!

Yes, I used to come out with lists; I used to be relevant. Yabber-dabber-dib-dib. Now, with time constraints and an occasionally busier lifestyle (though am still free to be writing this, who am I trying to contradict or lie here?) (am still generally free, but also busier) (I must not be alone in feeling this way) (am I?), all I do is post something and fuck off for a couple of months, even without my knowledge of so.

So, this is in some way, a year end list of sorts. Just don’t expect credibility like a critic (I am a free freelance reviewer, not a racist, one-sided critic), I am not indie hippie like most out there – I just wanna live. There, I just quote Good Charlotte. And expect it to be short, and clear-cut.


Washed Out – Within And Without

With an album cover like that, the title just sounds dirtier, or maybe I am really the one with the filthy mind. Filth, as some of my friends/acquaintanceship would suggest in a disgust tone. I am just in general favourable of seeing beautiful people, model-like, making out. If I am creepy enough (and I can be, trust me), I would hide in a corner (not relaxin’, chillin’), a dark, dark corner, and watch beautiful people make out. I know, I am beautiful at times too, so I can go make out freely!

I like that the cover raises questions – is that a simple boy-girl, or is it a girl-girl? Though signs of a darker tone of skin and armpit pubic hair highly suggest it to be a male testicle breed, but is that everyone out there stereotyping again? Who says girls can’t be tanned (girl named Glecy came into mind), who says girls can’t have armpit pubic hair (aunties past the age of beauty came into mind) and be sexy at the same time? Amanda Palmer (sometimes called Amanda Fucking Palmer) from The Dresden Dolls and Erykah Badu are fine examples of women who may not shave. Then there’s the girl – is she having fun? Is she having pleasure? Maybe there’s a third party in between them who’s a midget? Highly not, but let’s not stop presuming. Imagination should run wild in this world and age!

I swear I didn’t touch any bottles of liquor while typing this at 12:35PM on a Friday afternoon. It could be that I’m on leave that I’m sounding so high. Or about to go bowling.

Here’s a video from Washed Out, as an honour:


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