A Struggle For A Year End’s List: I Win Some, I Lose Some

Victories and failures, ups and downs, penises and vaginae. Life is definitely not a bed of roses, but sometimes one gets chocolate out of it and stuffs oneself fat with it. I just bought Hershey’s to play several rounds of arcade basketball and it felt as good as peeing in one’s pants.



I am an oddball, something like Tyler The Creator. I am pretty anti-social, and then not quite. Some points the culprit responsible at drinks, but I think seriously inside of me I am just as puzzling. There are definitely familiar faces in my life now, more stable ones; just like everyone else’s everybody. But I’m glad for most of them – notice the word most, cause sometimes I’m just happy not to have people screw up my life, as though it is not as screwed up as it already is, so no need the reminder, thank you very much.

People definitely come and go in my life, one just can’t make people stay put, with the constant changes and happenings going on in each of our individual lives. As much as these friends are about, I think what’s great is the wonderful amount of personal space we allow one another to go and grow, and when in need, they will come about to offer a listening ear or a lending shoulder to lean or cry on.

A from London recently told me that I am his best Singaporean friend. It made my day.

So, alphabet acknowledgements: QSAAMMWHXAU

(Of course, this topic is subject to change. No one is definite of the growing unknown in the future.)


Without mentioning too much, I had a first hand taste of what a relationship should be. I thank the person involved for actually getting involved, and it was a joyous rollercoaster ride of highs and lows. I’m usually quite the lonely person inside (regardless of the image I may portray on the surface, on the outside), and I presume I can be a tough nut to crack as well. Without diverting too much of myself back into the past (another term would be spiralling), I am optimistic and looking forward to the future for something/someone that I can hold on to. Not to say I am mostly at fault, but the both of us had flaws and faults, just like everybody else; and it’s a pity that we didn’t manage to work out our impending differences to make something work out of it.


I lost 10kg this year, from 72kg to about 60kg now, though it could have increased with the amount of junk I had been eating these couple of days and the lack of exercise for the entire week of sickness. But it’s a definite feat that I managed to do and accomplish, and the tips are to cut down on carbohydrates (rice), skip meals, go on one-meal-a-day food strike, gym/exercise and run on a frequent basis. I didn’t go to Beijing 101 for those money sucking packages!


Power Of Pop-related. There were definitely more interviews this year, and I hope for more opportunities and to write across other platforms as well in the new year.

Optimistic outlook for 2012:


This is reaching a crucial and critical stage, where I am spending almost all that I’m earning. I need to keep track of where my expenses are going, and making sure they are going into rightful avenues and revenues. Yes, that does mean lesser partying and drinking.


To pick up something new starting now. Obviously, I don’t know how to do a lot of things in life, and catching up is in need – from cycling to rock climbing to playing a music instrument. It’s time to enter another phase of my life to get back the learning hunger and mood, and to stay enriched for life.


Needs to see the world, man. This is tied to the Finance category, and I do hope to go to a new place from now on, every year on.


Anyone wants to see me perform a striptease? I charge per hour rate. Needs more revenue. Chaos! (Check back a year later to see if goals and visionary are met)


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