A Struggle For A Year End’s List: Some Of 2011’s Worst Songs (Commercial)

This could come in a series, as I continue to figure out through the year’s collection of music to diss/dish out the bad, the worse and the horrible.

To note though: in no particular order, they all made it (unsuccessfully)!


“Hold It Against Me”
Britney Spears

In no way of disrespect for the pop princess, but this is definitely not the best album introductory, first single that should be released. It’s in no way as catchy as follow-up single “Till The World Ends” or those subsequent ones. Sure, it’s the typical venturing into electropop zone, but everyone is doing that – no excuse for her to be doing so too. And with lyrics like “if I want your body now, would you hold it against me?”, it really doesn’t leave much to the imagination, but just pure sex driven messages hidden in today’s pop music. See how her follow-up singles tanked in the UK charts, and I must hold it against you, Britney, but I think it’s to do with this single.


“Without You”
David Guetta featuring Usher

Dance/Trance hardcore music fans worldwide would consider this song, or just David Guetta in general, a sellout; but let’s put our shoes in his, and we would like to capitalize, earn big bucks and want worldwide recognition, don’t we, hungry human folks out there? Well, not quite all out there, but sure, some of us can still relate. Even though I was feeling down and out of love some time this year when this came on, and I was semi-singing along to this, but from the music’s perspective, David Guetta is not doing anything groundbreaking here – he’s just making commercial pop, sing-along-able by everyone; and then you’ve got Usher, whom we all know is a player and a womanizer in real life. Definitely not the best soul to be teaching us a thing or two about love, considering his makeout session on a flight once (the awkward BBC interview, with his then-wife by his side, obviously not the party to be at the other receiving end of the spectrum for the sexual high, literally).



I like her krazy-a$$ attitude, but this single is a no, no, no. Don’t think the rehab will even wanna play it. The brainless chorus really kills it – it blows minds, in a bad way!


“Yoü And I”
Lady Gaga

Looking at Lady Gaga, she is like a drug – you need to take her fast so that the effects would drown you, taking her slow and on an emotional front, she’s a torture and a drag (pun intended). Still, I like her manly direction in this whole concept and sound, as well as her diversity in venturing into other genres (I smell country here, and I hate country, except Brokeback Mountain), but best to stick with the dance-pop she is familiar with, and making everything as sexed up as possible. Wear less, or don’t wear anything at all.

Maybe more to come?


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