A Struggle For A Year End’s List: My 2011′s Most Played (Lazy Man’s Method) (Part 2)

I myself have noticed a trend of my own – which is that the playlist is getting more typical. In that sense, I meant that changes are minimal, and I can be hearing/placing a song on my playlist on the go for a longer duration than I previously did before. I guess, in some ways, it’s a good sign – I am getting more stable with the music choices I make, and I don’t go about wanting changes as much as I used to – which was something I used to do/need when I was younger, I guess it’s got to do with the crave/craze. On the downer, it does mean that I am getting older than I want to be. How much older can the 67-years-old internal me grow?


Patrick Wolf

Another for the homer/indoorsy in me. Patrick left the darker side in his previous album, and got back to the adult contemporary genre that he may be more comfortable in. At least, I’m more comfortable listening to this side of him. The house the video is shot in also helps in the musical appreciation of the song in general as well, and don’t everyone has a dream to own a cottage in the not-so-dark forest, and allow the greenery to grow wherever they want, except maybe the weeds to rid of? And also, away from the hustle and the bustle of the city and modern life and living? Oh, how I wish, how I wish I don’t have to step out of this home.


“(Still A) Weirdo”
KT Tunstall

Okay, she is not as famous as she was before when her debut came out (“Black Horse And The Cherry Tree”), but really I don’t give a hooting fuck. Though there were some questionable releases from her here and there, who says a person must be just only one way in life? There’s so much inner peace felt with this song, it feels as though it is like a close friend consoling you that everything is gonna be alright, and everyone is just as freaky. If only they look as freaky.


Wolfram featuring Hercules And Love Affair

Time for some para para!

(note: not to be mistaken with the song/video by Katy Perry with sparkles appearing out of one’s boobs.)
(P.S. that is a great pop song, by the way.)
(Boom, boom, boom, even brighter than the moon, moon, moon)
(Maybe quite terrible heard live, though)


Architecture In Helsinki

… And another! Architecture In Helsinki will be in Singapore for the Mosaic Music Festival 2012, happening on the 9-18th March 2012, along with acts like Elbow, Russian Red, Los Campesinos! and Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark just to name a few.

The first quarter of 2012 looks promising with the line-up of local and regional acts performing – with the People’s Party on 14-15th January, featuring Plainsunset, The Naked & Famous, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Analog Girl, Bombay Bicycle Club etc; Laneway Festival on the 12th February, featuring Girls, Laura Marling, M83, The Drums, WU LYF etc; and today’s announcement that Death Cab For Cutie will be performing in Singapore on 7th March.


“Who Knows Who Cares”
Local Natives

Sorry, but I think adolescence maturity is the new kind of sexy. I had tried to locate this CD in HMV, but to no avail. Could do with special shipment arrangement, but there’s also piracy to turn to too. But there’s always this urge to support my favourite music and artistes. But then, I’m not born rich. So much worries, so little time. Got cocaine?

(to be continued…)


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