A Struggle For A Year End’s List: Merry Christmas, Fuck You

Merry X’mas, everyone!

2011 is wrapping up, the Christmas presents are wrapping down. All the sexy lingerie received? That sexy nurse outfit?

Musically, I trashed myself – mass downloaded this year, the Christmas themed songs; I guess I am really in the spirits of it all, though hell no I am not Christian, and I am not holy. Christ.

Current count of Christmas songs stood at 435* and counting. According to iTunes’s great calculation, it just passed the 1 day mark. (* – I tried not to download too much of a similar song, as most of the time they are covers here and there.)

Some of the songs that stood out (ain’t gonna give the whole list – I am not doing charity here!):

Heard Fiona Apple’s “Frosty The Snowman” on Lush 99.5 – great choice of a station, by the way. It happened one night/morning, with some drinks – classic choice of gin and tonic (which apparently is the least harmful drink and can be somewhat pretty decent and neat and healthy (???), I think, I read it somewhere, I don’t think I was drunk-reading; or maybe someone mentioned it to me). This was before a dip in the pool (I don’t swim) in boxers. Uh-huh.

I shared a Christmas number done by The Kills on BBC Radio 6 with Lennat, and she linked me to the above number from The Raveonettes. The Raveonettes had a few songs in my library, and I think they have a noise rock & roll sound of their own, which they can be proud to claim of their own. There’s some old school, old-fashioned rock and roll (80’s? 70’s? 60’s?) sound to them, and I still love “Aly, Walk With Me” – so killer rock man. Like die, motherfucking ears, in a good way. They are channeling killer sounds through the stereos and speakers and earpieces and what-not’s. Current two songs on move-along playlist: “You Want The Candy” and “Forget That You’re Young”.

(from 1998)

It’s Christmas, let’s not be racists! Kiss the nearest China person, even though the person may have bad breath!

All along, prior to this post and finding the above video link, I thought this song is a mash-up done virtually online by someone creative and with plenty of free time. But… And… So… It’s an actual collaboration, with a video filmed for it. Now that’s a bit weird, even though I was intrigued by the weird collaboration of two artistes with clearly different goals, genres and styles. Now it’s just a little plain weird and oddball, and Ozzy and Jessica look damn weird in the video too, though they were just being themselves. A little dodgy too. A dip in the exclusivity feel of the song as well.

A little extra, sounding like an all-time classic:

Now didn’t I say I won’t be sharing all of my songs in the playlist/library? Ho, ho, ho!


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