A Struggle For A Year End’s List: My 2011′s Most Played (Lazy Man’s Method) (Part 3)

Too much red and white wine on Christmas Eve.


“An Argument With Myself”
Jens Lekman

I don’t know about people out there, but I enjoy talking to myself, and I talk to myself way too much. When I say way, I mean WAY. Sometimes, I don’t get why people (me inclusive, at times) freak out when people talk to themselves out aloud in public. I mean, we do it too, right? As we walk down the road or street alone, or even in groups, sometimes we are feeding our tiny little brains with feeds and internal conversations about anything and everything. The Christmas decorations are ugly. That ladyboy is pretty… daring. I could bed with so-and-so. We fart, we dig noses, we pee in our pants (at least, for the subconscious minds, before, when we were children) – it’s just that we don’t admit to it, and in what way has society done to us to conform in such seriousness and generosity to avoid talking about such awkward issues and situations? Loosen up, people! (I am a nutcase.)

I love how Jens (calling him that like we are buddies, friends and lovers) quarrel with himself internally, and tell himself to fuck you:

Shut up, no, you shut up!
What’s the matter, take a number, Buttercup!
Every time I hear you say “Fuck it”
I would remind you of the photo in your pocket

Fuck you, no, you fuck you!
You didn’t come here for nothing, did you?
I know that’s what you’ve been saying lately
But let me draw attention to a exhibit B

Nah, I don’t wanna talk to you
OK, you wanna keep fighting?
Yeah, I wanna keep on fighting
Alright, fair enough



I was watching you slip into the darkness, darling

So beautiful is the above line that I love this number. Totally fitting with the year (2010, I believe) when I wanted to do everything dark and moody, creep about everywhere in the dark and just appear and fade off like that, like a haunting ghost. On wet grasses, behind that tall giant tree and its strong trunk. Blame this fever on Fever Ray. But in no way, is the song as dark as I made it appear to be – it is actually a very sweet and romantic song.


“I Follow Rivers”
Lykke Li

This is supposedly not on the most played list, admittedly, but I just thought of the song and think that it should appear here too, so I did the illegal injection. Anywho, this is still somewhere on the library list, so technically speaking, it is still there. I also thought of this to be like a female version of Death Cab For Cutie’s “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” – less romantic, same amount of emo-ness, partial darkness. Also managed to catch her live this year when she was in town, and it was a decent gig with the power of the lighting, the drums and its beats, a great supporting band, and Lykke Li’s voice sounding quite like on the records.


“Go Outside”

This is actually a 2010 song, but late pick-me-ups, indie blog hypes and massive replays got this band and this song to where it is in 2011, right now. Mainstream Americanized music, you can go kiss Leticia Bongnino’s puwet. This is really pure indie pop, delivered slightly, overly done. But let’s not complain at the power of indie, wondering where music would head to in the future?


“I’m His Girl”

Another illegal insertion! I really like the indie street style of this, as though it is done up by some cool indie hipster hooligan (read, in Singapore’s context: ah lian). Also, such an easy name for the band (apparently, there is another with the same name, but they had disbanded in 2002), and it reminds of the great American series that made Jennifer Aniston famous. The tingling of the triangle is too addictive it makes me wanna sway my ass down the street as I walk, like a true blue drag queen diva. But I am not a sissy, at least try not to be. Don’t call me wuss, but can call me baby.

Prepare to stride one’s stuff down the street:


“Moon Crooner”
Egyptian Hip Hop

This song just abruptly, somewhat rudely, if it is in the Singapore context of courtesy, jumps right into the melody, and demands the listeners to hey, listen up, dickheads. And such fun for making faithful promises of no adultery.


“Rumour Has It”

Adele, again (*groans)? Natural behaviour of some, but well, 2011 is really her year, and she beats some serious big ass of Lady Gaga’s with her power lungs, a class and style of her own with personality and attitude tangled to it. I wish I was her friend, and we can drink wine from bottle, smoke some weed together, eat cheese and go on long walks together (like “Someone Like You” video, don’t cry baby). The first time I popped the disc onto the stereo, this is like the instant winner and attention grabbing song for me. So much that it is oozing with style, attitude and personality combined, that once again, I feel like striding my stuff down the street (ain’t no drag queen again, let me remind you), and smoke some nice weed. Know of any dealers out there?


“Gonna Get Over You”
Sara Bareilles

I managed to catch her live this year as well, though I was ensuring and confirming that this, the concert, indeed happened this year – it seems like as one gets older, the times just swing by without much notice and it is the end of the year before one knows it. I have good and bad memories at the same time, that explains it, and probably hints at what I will be like when I am old and dying. Robbers can still my money, if I have any in the first place. Fuccccccccck.

She was very engaging as an artiste and a musician, and her live delivery was sparkling and no question asked as to her endless creativity and brilliance. She used the word “fuck” quite a bit, and I love it – vulgarities rock the world of mine big time. She mentioned about some freaky fans that approached her at the airport during her arrival (2), and I know who she is referring to, hahahaha. The video for this reminds me of Michael Bublé’s “Haven’t Met You Yet”, with more swag. Yo, dawg:

(to be continued…)

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