A Struggle For A Year End’s List: My 2011′s Most Played (Lazy Man’s Method) (Part 5)

Second day of 2012, be prepared to see double.


“Brush The Heat”
Little Dragon

This song makes me feel like jelly, like moveable, shakeable jelly. Like those that can be seen in the Tom & Jerry’s cartoons. It is the part when the quirky, electronic sounds hit, and create a soundwave that makes bodies wanna move and sway in an almost natural kind of way – no need commercial dance music with recognizable lyrics to do that no more.

Here’s the video, with the charismatic Swedish-Japanese (absolutely love Sweden and its Swedish musician folks – quirky, different and talented) Yukimi Nagano, and the video is also directed by her father – Yusuke Nagano:


“Close Watch”
(John Cale cover)
Agnes Obel

Just yesterday – only yesterday – did I discover that this is a cover version, and the only cover song in her entire debut album titled “Philharmonics”  – released back at the end of 2010. The original version was not meant to make the cut, as it was felt by Mr. Cale himself as “unfinished”, but it was done so anyway in 1975 by the record company, and for once we are thankfully that they did. How do I know so much, one may ask? I shall point it at a few factors: a desire to know more about music, the Internet access, a lot of free time, fuck-you-don’t-judge-me and a blog about forgotten songs. It is even proclaimed as “one of the most romantic songs ever” by some online user, but even I know not to trust those buggers and people who use “forever” and “ever” – like seriously, can they be trusted ever? Even I am smarter than that, ha! Ever am!

With repetitive chorus lyrics as vulnerable as this:

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine

And lines like these:

I still hear your voice at night
When I turn out the light
And try to settle down
But there’s nothing I can do
‘Cause I can’t live without you
Any way at all

How can one not melt away? Tell me? Please? Watch, and melt way away:


“The City”
Patrick Wolf

Another getaway-from-the-city song from Patrick Wolf, he sure is adult contemporary as he is in 2011. Homophobics, ignoring the fact that he is gay, and just embracing the music as it is, it is theatre-istic therapy, less the drama. Beautiful, lush and artistic, yet with a simple touch, with not too much complexity.


“The Wilhelm Scream”
James Blake

Though I find it questionable likeable with some of his electronic sounds, 2011 doesn’t really go wrong with James Blake, isn’t there? He is the indie man of the year, and most blogs and critics love him. Without the electronic innovations, I think he has a very beautiful, soothing and smooth voice, and his creativity is an additional bonus – see how I like “A Case Of You”, which was done simply with just his vocals and a piano, and it works wonders.

The song opens up with lyrics as follows, and seriously, just die straightaway:

I don’t know about my dreams.
I don’t know about my dreamin’ anymore.
All that I know is
I’m fallin’, fallin’, fallin’, fallin’.
Might as well fall in.



I still can’t believe she’s chart-topping. Can someone tell me what is wrong with the music of today, what is wrong with the charts worldwide, and what is the FUCK wrong with mainstream? I need a valid reason besides that record label managements are paying radio stations to play their artistes’ songs more frequently. And that goddamn Singapore’s popular radio stations just follow the charts overseas, blindly and idiotically (Lush 99.5, you are spared. With grace and style and attitude. Sorry that I used fuck in the same descriptive, I will go and wash my mouth. But vulgarities sometimes are delivered in a posh style, and I believe mine do, at times.)

Then again, I may not love Robyn as much (if she’s mainstream), so I am thankful. But I like “Show Me Love” too, what.

Still haven’t pen the second stalker e-mail to her touring management. Will stalk her till I die.

(to be continued… Next, the most romantic song ever (refer above on people that used the word), and most possibly the sweetest thing to say to a love. Hint hint clue clue, it has got to do with ensuring and assuring for life. Hearts!)


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